Jamie Romanin

Head of Webex Customer Experience Practice

Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China

Jamie has spent more than 20 years successfully delivering growth for multi‐national IT&T companies across Asia Pacific.

His leadership experience and technical expertise in cloud-based technologies gives him invaluable insight into how to effectively use innovation and technology to shape and grow businesses.

As Head of Webex Customer Experience Practice, Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China at Cisco, he is focused on helping companies turn their contact centers into strategic assets for their businesses.


April 6, 2021


Bringing the Cloud to ASEAN for Better Customer Experiences

In today’s modern customer experience economy, cloud innovation is critical for the needs of your contact center. Things like delivering an optimized agent experience with artificial intelligence and empowering your contact center agents to work from home have become a necessity today and are…

September 14, 2020


How artificial intelligence helps boost customer retention and loyalty

What your customers want The days of tolerating bad service are gone. Long wait times, unprepared agents, being transferred multiple times to the “right” department, and then repeating ourselves over and over again, are just a few examples of how a company can lose our business even if we’ve been a lifelong…

August 17, 2020


Five reasons your business needs Cisco Webex Contact Center

Driving business growth for customers 2020 has been an insane and yet exciting year for Cisco and our customers. This post-pandemic era we now live in has found us hard at work, helping our customers adjust to the “new normal” of the workplace. From enabling remote working, preparing for safe return…