Giving Back with Cisco Partners

Giving Back with Cisco Partners

Cisco employees across the world give back where they have a passion, and they are encouraged to serve in a way that is meaningful for them! One of my passions is for a non-profit that I serve as an ambassador to the board called Building Minds in South Sudan (BMISS).

Create Meaningful & Memorable Events Through a Personalized Experience

Create Meaningful & Memorable Events Through a Personalized Experience

As marketers, we are often the first touchpoint with the customer. Our job is to ensure a seamless experience based on data and insights. Here are three areas where you can use both digitally and physically captured data.

Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D) Launched

Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D) Launched

The next step in the U.S. Department of Defense’s IT communication journey – migration to a secure cloud – is here. Cisco is proud to announce provisional authority to operate (PATO) for Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D).

September 28, 2020


Leadership in Tough and Uncertain Times

Recently, our Leadership and Sales teams gathered virtually to kick off our fiscal year: gain new knowledge about Cisco’s newest innovative solutions, and to get PUMPED about the opportunities that lie ahead. While the topics covered ranged from our conscious culture to the ways we will drive innovation for our Small Business customers, there were some k…

July 23, 2020


How the Marketing Evolution is Driving Business Resiliency

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Amy Protexter, Senior Vice President, North America Marketing at Insight, and discuss the Marketing landscape in our current reality. In our conversation, Amy unearthed many unique challenges that marketers face as we ease into a changed world, and highlighted areas of opportunity that we can embrace. Q: H…

July 10, 2020


Cisco’s Innovative Program Focused on Digital Acceleration Goes Beyond Technology

By Marcelo Kawanami, Regional Head of Consulting for Americas at GlobalData Globally known as “Country Digital Acceleration”, or simply CDA, Cisco’s innovative  program has an ambitious plan to leverage digital inclusion in Brazil across different sectors through projects that will get results in the short-term, mainly in the areas of education, he…

May 13, 2020


Cisco and OAS to Finance Cybersecurity Innovation Projects in Latin America

The initiative endowed with US $150,000, continues the partnership that created the Cybersecurity Innovation Councils, announced in August 2019. This effort Includes free cybersecurity courses targeting at least 100,000 students through the Cisco Networking Academy program Washington, May 13, 2020 – The Organization of American States (OA…

February 24, 2020


Customer Centricity: Elevating the Customer Experience

In recent months, I’ve had the pleasure of joining panels and attending industry events focused on the evolution of customer-centricity. A common theme that is top of mind everywhere is having the customer at the core of the marketing strategy. The customer’s buying behavior has changed. As the consumption of products and services continues to evolve, so…

January 23, 2020


Our Partners – Connecting and Celebrating the Diversity of Women in Technology

I recently had the distinct honor of speaking at the CKO WiSH Breakfast, hosted by our partner, SHI International Corp. The mission of WiSH (Women in SHI) is to connect and celebrate the diversity of women in technology. I always love attending events that bring women together to share inspirational stories of how they have achieved their goals and their dri…

July 15, 2019


Cisco Canada, NPower Canada & Lifeline Syria: Connecting Newcomers with Digital Skills Training

In Canada, the technology sector’s demand for skilled employees continues to grow exponentially. I’m proud that at Cisco, we are committed to enhancing the skills and depth of our technology workforce by ensuring all Canadians have access to digital skills training. I’m even more proud of how we are doing it. This June, Cisco Canada announced a new partn…

July 2, 2019


The Challenges of Managing Workloads in Multicloud Environments

Thought-leaders in the tech industry have identified solutions — “single pane of glass” monitoring, increasing the technology operating near workloads — that can make multicloud environment more sustainable. Enterprise Strategy NetScout’s Russ Currie, Cisco’s Fabio Gori and Veeam’s Danny Allan discuss how their organizations are helping to lead t…

July 2, 2019


Cisco Live 2019: Cyberattacks Emerge Against the Internet Itself

Cisco’s threat intel group Talos discovered a Domain Name System attack that its director calls ‘incredibly concerning.   Original link:   Originally Posted at:…