In today’s modern customer experience economy, cloud innovation is critical for the needs of your contact center. Things like delivering an optimized agent experience with artificial intelligence and empowering your contact center agents to work from home have become a necessity today and are made possible by cloud technology. Cisco continues to heavily invest in cloud throughout our global footprint and we’re excited to extend this for our APJC customers.

I’m thrilled to share that Cisco Webex Contact Center, our native cloud contact center solution, is officially available across ASEAN, South Korea, and Japan. This is such an exciting announcement for us; one that further demonstrates our leadership in the global contact center market, and the value that Cisco brings to our customers with a comprehensive Collaboration suite that includes contact center, calling, meetings, collaboration and devices.

The cloud comes to ASEAN, South Korea, and Japan

Cisco has invested in a new Voice Point-of-Presence (VPoP) infrastructure in Singapore, which will provide the necessary linkage for making communications exchanges possible in the region. With this new VPoP location, Webex Contact Center availability will be extended to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam along with South Korea and Japan, in addition to current availability in Australia and New Zealand. This allows us to provide an independently scalable environment for these customers and meet the needs of global organizations.

Webex Contact Center is Cisco’s native cloud contact center solution that enables enriched customer engagement experiences between businesses and their customers. Webex Contact Center improves agent and customer experiences and optimizes contact center performance with skills-based routing and data analytics. Webex Contact Center dynamically predicts each customer’s needs and matches that need with the best agent, improving performance, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction.

New feature functionality

With the addition of Webex Contact Center Analyzer, you can bring data together from your ACD and IVR so you can analyze, understand, and manage your contact center and optimize for operational efficiency in new and innovative ways.

The open platform and flexible cloud architecture of Webex Contact Center enables customers to fully leverage business application technology investments, and seamlessly connect them to the contact center. Pre-built connectors for the most commonly used business applications embed the Webex Contact Center experience within the business app for easy, real-time access to key customer information, all in one place.

Webex Contact Center is centrally managed and administered from the cloud via the intuitive Webex Control Hub to improve operational and IT efficiency and reduce costs.

Distinctive features include: 

  • Native cloud: Designed and built as a cloud solution for security, reliability, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Omnichannel: All your customer interactions – voice, chat, and email – can be managed in one unified desktop experience.
  • Cognitive and intelligent: Intuitive chatbot assistance helps minimize agent workload and improve customer self-service, with seamless transfer to an agent chat or voice call.
  • Skills-based routing: Customers are matched to the agent with the best skills to improve first-contact resolution, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Customer interaction and agent activity data is synthesized in reports and real-time dashboards to optimize contact center operations for customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

Already serving our first customer

XOX Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) serving Malaysia with a digital-first lifestyle approach. As an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that seeks to continuously innovate and deliver the best customer experience, XOX Mobile was in search of a smarter, digital-first contact center solution to better serve their customers. Together with a local partner, MLABs, we were able to determine that moving to the cloud with Webex Contact Center was the best solution to meet their business objectives. Webex Contact Center allows XOX Mobile to respond to customers in the channel they prefer – chat, email, voice, or even self-service channels. The platform’s AI capabilities also empowers their agents to serve customers with speed, context, and accuracy. The cloud solution allows the business to go live and access these capabilities quickly, as well as centrally manage their contact center operations remotely. Designed to be an open, extensible, and customizable platform, the solution gives XOX Mobile the flexibility to integrate with future CRM applications and scale to keep up with their business needs.

Mr Azril bin Aliuddin, Chief Strategy Officer of XOX Mobile said, “We are excited to embark on this journey with Cisco Webex Contact Center which will enable us to transform our contact center operations with AI and other cloud innovations. We will be able to serve our customers faster, and with more precision.”

Closing thoughts

With this new Webex Contact Center availability, Cisco is marking the next step in realizing our vision to deliver the most personalized customer experiences, that ultimately improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.



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