The girls are good and ready to rock in the tech field

The girls are good and ready to rock in the tech field

Cisco Spain champions innovation and education for young girls through the Technovation Girls program, fostering tech leadership and inclusivity.

Accelerating Flanders' digitization

Accelerating Flanders' digitization

A digital pact with a twist – Cisco & Flanders. What’s brewing in the realm of tech in Belgium?

Cisco Provides Cybersecurity Training to 224,000 Europeans in Just Over a Year

Cisco Provides Cybersecurity Training to 224,000 Europeans in Just Over a Year

Cisco reaches significant milestone for skills in the European Union, providing cybersecurity training to 224,000 Europeans. This is part of a larger Cisco ambition to upskill 2.6 million people over the next decade in Europe.

23 May 2024


Cisco partners with Cambridgeshire schools to make their classrooms more sustainable

Cisco and CAE announce their collaboration with The ICT Service, Cambridgeshire County Council’s not-for-profit ICT advisory and support service for schools, to help deliver more sustainable connectivity and better energy management for 50 schools across the region.

16 May 2024


Using a managed service to create momentum in digital projects

Discover how Avit's managed services alleviate pressure on internal teams and drive digital transformation, even in sectors like healthcare.

24 April 2024


IT’s agile mindset is key to unlocking corporate sustainability

"IT's agility is essential for corporate sustainability," says's CSO. Leveraging automation and data for decision-making while managing energy use is key to achieve ambitious goals.

Cisco Powered the MWC Barcelona 2024 Secure Wireless Experiences

News Summary: For the 13th consecutive year, Cisco worked with Fira de Barcelona at its Montjuïc and Gran Via venues to provide all attendees with simple, seamless, and secure wireless experiences. Attendees enjoyed free Wi-Fi Internet access as well as basic and enhanced network services in exhibition and hot spot areas both indoors and outside venue buildings.…

6 February 2024


Cisco Improves Sustainability of European Operations with New 15-Year Solar Energy Agreement in Spain

Owned and operated by IGNIS, Cisco anticipates that the Spanish solar plant will provide enough solar energy to match 100% of its European operations’ annual electricity needs* The deal involves a 37-MWac new-built solar plant in a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) which will generate approximately 80,000 MWh of electricity per year (60,000 MWh allocated…

26 January 2024


Lumino: Lighting the Way to a Future of Smart Building and Hybrid Work

Cisco's Innovation Labs presents Lumino, a proof-of-concept (PoC) user experience, that unifies technologies for managing hybrid workforces and creating smart buildings, benefitting HR, facilities, and more.

14 December 2023


Young Girls Are Taking The Gender Gap Down To Build The Inclusive Tech World of Tomorrow

The partnership between Cisco and Technovation is a shining example of how corporate leaders and non-profit organizations can join forces to create positive change.

12 December 2023


The New Cisco Paris Office: Bringing the ‘Magnet not Mandate’ Mantra to Life

It is a joyful experience to work within the walls of Cisco France HQ, with full access to those who work remotely. It’s the hybrid dream.  

4 December 2023


Cisco Partners With UK’s First Biophilic School to Help Connect the Classroom with Nature

Cisco, the Department for Education (DfE) and St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy in Derby are using technology to blur the lines between the natural world and the classroom, in what is set to be the UK’s first purpose-built biophilic school, opening today.