Service Provider

May 7, 2024


What Organizations Can Learn from Service Providers About Investing in AI/ML & LLMs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is here, and companies are doing everything in their power to leverage it. Among the torchbearers are the service providers in Asia Pacific who are building large language models (LLMs) – which are a derivative of AI/ML; and they’re rapidly deploying…

April 23, 2024


Geotagging: Digitizing Telco Asset & Critical Infrastructure Management

The strength of a telco is defined by its network coverage. As a result, most telcos have had to scale their networks quickly to deliver a high quality of service to customers and to stay ahead of the competition. This means, rapidly multiplying the number of mobile towers and kilometers of optical fiber…

March 26, 2024


How & Why Service Providers Are Optimizing Datacenters to Handle AI/ML Workloads

In the modern world, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) has emerged as pivotal force driving innovation across industries. From various analytics to customer service, to data cleansing and validation, and in the near future, robotic surgeries and large-scale deployment of autonomous…

February 26, 2024


Viettel Selects Cisco to Co-Create Future-State Network Infrastructure to Drive Emerging Tech Innovations in Vietnam

News Summary Viettel is the first telco in Southeast Asia to deploy Cisco 8000 Series routers powered by Cisco Silicon One, one of the industry’s most powerful networking chips that reduces energy consumption while increasing bandwidth The new network architecture has helped Viettel support the…

February 22, 2024


Why Service Providers Must Focus on Network Transformation

Service Providers globally are challenged with growing their revenue while managing their increasing costs in the midst of a rapidly evolving telecommunications market. Additionally, recent heavy investment in 5G license and equipment, and the lack of monetization opportunities, have further…

February 6, 2024


Convergence Drives Simplification & Sustainability for Metro Networks

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the complexity of modern metro networks has grown significantly. This is a natural outcome of the expansion of 4G, the rollout of 5G, and the continuous growth in broadband networks, along with the integration of Software Defined Network (SDN)…

June 5, 2023


Enterprise 5G: The Power Couple That Will Make Your Devices Swoon

As technology evolves, the choices for enterprise connectivity continue to expand. Two options that are currently making waves are Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Both offer high throughput and reliability, low latency, and better quality of experience. However, use cases for each can be exclusive, and there can…