Vish Iyer

Vice President

Cisco Architectures, APJC

Vish Iyer leads the Architectures business in Asia-Pacific, Japan and China, which includes all the sales, solutions and engineering teams that are part of Cisco’s business units – Enterprise Networks, IoT, Multi-cloud, Data Center, Collaboration, Software, Security and Service Provider business.

He is a 27-year veteran of the fast-growing ICT sector having worked extensively in different sales and engineering leadership roles in different geographies with a proven track record to grow business and teams.

Vish has led teams that have pioneered world-leading innovations that have solved some of the most complex problems in the region, including mobile transport innovations for 4G mobile broadband services, affordable video platforms for 350 million connected homes in Asia, Pre-integrated API driven Enterprise Service stack for multi-cloud adoption, aspirational portfolio for small & medium businesses, smart city platforms for emerging market cities, and industry-leading contact center solutions with extensible ethnic language support.

He is passionate about building high-performing teams, with a relentless focus on innovation and execution-first mindset that delivers sustainable business results for Cisco as well as its customers and partners.

Vish is focused on building the next generation of leaders and collaborates with INSEAD School of Business in Singapore, where he’s a frequent speaker in the Emerging Leaders Program for South Asia and India. The joint case studies built through this program are now used extensively on how to build the right products, capabilities and business models to drive fast paced growth and value.

Prior to joining Cisco in 1998, Vish worked at HCL Comnet for 5 years as the regional lead for the system integration business in West/South of India. Vish holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. Based in Singapore, Vish is passionate about family, reading, sports and gastronomy.


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