January 19, 2022


How bankers are using technology to leverage the ‘sports bubble’ concept

Bubbles were first adopted by some of the most popular sports leagues at the height of the pandemic to protect players and to enable them to continue participating in tournaments. The concept has proven effective and allowed fans to enjoy the games, at least via broadcasts for the most part. More importantly,…

November 24, 2021


An observability strategy is key to the success of Asia’s everyday super apps

It’s no secret that businesses across Asia are fascinated with super apps. From Malaysia to Indonesia to India, some of the most prominent brands have invested heavily to create cloud-native apps driven by micro-services architectures, integrating with myriad of APIs, enabling tens of thousands…

November 16, 2021


What’s driving demand for full stack observability in APAC’s banking community?

The banking community in APAC has a few new victories to celebrate this year – their digital maturity has reached a new high and adoption of digital services, solutions, and platforms among all segments of customers has soared. While there is no doubt that the pandemic has been a catalyst for this shift,…

November 9, 2021


Is hybrid work complex? Not if policies follow the user

We’re all talking about hybrid work, but are we prepared to handle complexity in a hybrid environment? Cisco helped a variety of customers answer this question based on their specific needs and requirements, deploying a series of solutions to make ‘business as usual’ more flexible and seamless in…

October 26, 2021


Speeding into the future of retail with next-gen, digital-first infrastructure

Infrastructure is the bridge between application and experience. The digital infrastructure deployed by retail giants today needs to be overhauled to create a compelling experience for consumers and staff. The last 18 months has made this clear. Retailers need to re-think how they go digital – connecting…

August 31, 2021


How a social enterprise uses tech to reimagine itself in the new normal

Social enterprises are purpose oriented. They have to be. Leaders and staff in such organizations answer to a higher calling, especially when their purpose is to care for communities that need help to survive and thrive. However, whatever the purpose of an enterprise, social or otherwise, it needs…

August 3, 2021


Supermarkets going digital need supersized digital infrastructure and security

Technology has transformed how customers can shop for everyday goods. Before the pandemic, Amazon made headlines building the world’s first contactless, unmanned grocery store. Their use of various internet of things (IoT)-powered smart karts and kiosks inspired leaders across the retail industry…

May 25, 2021


Moving to hybrid workspaces? It’s time to give smart buildings a thought

Companies are beginning to realize that in this digital age their physical spaces generate an enormous amount of data. They also understand that harnessing this data can not only bring their workspaces to life but also enable them to leverage technology to make administration simpler, reduce operating…