IoT technology to spur economic growth and industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Jakarta, December 15, 2022 – NeutraDC as also known as Telkom Data Ekosistem, which is a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom), inaugurated a collaboration with Cisco, which was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by NeutraDC CEO Andreuw Th A.F. and Country Director of Service Provider Business Cisco in Indonesia Meygin Agustina, on Monday (12/12). The intent of this collaboration includes the Data Center for the Cisco Platform Mobile IoT (Control Center) and further development related to Telkom’s Data Center network infrastructure using Software Define Network (SDN) technology and accelerating the adaptation of 5G technology and digitization in Indonesia and the ASEAN region.

In line with the direction of the Indonesian Minister of BUMN, Telkom, as the backbone of digitalization in Indonesia, is also trying to help accelerate digitalization in the country to the ASEAN region. The partnership between NeutraDC and Cisco aims to provide the benefits of IoT services and Software Define Network (SDN) technology for public use. Cisco IoT Control Center Platform will be available at NeutraDC’s data center facilities located in the Asia Pacific region with an estimated capacity of 5 million connections. More than that, this partnership will also spur more development of Internet of Things (IoT) services for businesses across the service provider industry in Indonesia including Telkomsel that has been providing digital IoT Control Center services for its enterprise customers.

“We have seen significant demand for IoT services from smart energy, smart building, and smart city as well as consumer electronics. As the global IoT market leader, Cisco IoT Control Center is the IoT connectivity management platform of choice for more than 14,000 companies worldwide. The IoT Control Center enables enterprises to launch, manage and monetize their IoT services while also providing the flexibility for businesses to scale up their IoT services in Indonesia/ASEAN countries to meet changing customer needs and expectations. SDN technology, network virtualization and automation will play an important role in the service provider strategy blueprint, creating a DC network that supports new services in fast, agile operations,” said Andreuw Th A.F., CEO of NeutraDC.

“Service providers need to be able to deploy services based on their business needs, not limit their technology. Cisco’s partnership with Telkom will increase service creation in the IoT domain in terms of business growth and revenue in the country,” said Meygin Agustina, Country Director of Service Provider Business Cisco in Indonesia.

Along with the transformation into a digital telco company, Telkom and its subsidiaries implement a customer-oriented business and operational strategy. In welcoming of this collaboration, Director of Wholesale & International Service Telkom, Bogi Witjaksono said, “Telkom and Cisco will create a good synergy through this partnership. Providing IoT Control Center services located in NeutraDC and Software Define Network (SDN) Technology will provide effectiveness in carrying out business processes and provide the best customer experience for customers,” concluded Bogi.