October 12, 2021


Companies looking to up their customer experience game must learn from the public sector

In the past, the public sector looked up to the private sector for innovation and cutting-edge technology. The single-most important global event of 2020 forced public sector leaders to think outside the box to enable remote work and serve their communities, while protecting staff and optimizing…

August 17, 2020


Technology will be omnipresent in tomorrow’s workspaces as staff return to the office

Working from home is no longer a temporary phase, it is part of standard operating procedure in the new normal. Prior to the global pandemic, working from home was considered a ‘good to have’ by organizations gearing towards providing staff with flexible working arrangements – as a result, the program…

April 15, 2020


The show must go on: Business continuity under workplace disruption

It’s hard to remember a time when small businesses were faced with greater challenges to their survival. This year has seen a summer of extreme bushfires followed immediately by a global health crisis with devastating economic impact. And that’s on top of the day-to-day challenges of cyber-security…

October 31, 2019


Supporting an inclusive workplace culture in Singapore with tech – and why it matters

International Sign Language Day came by in my social media feed under the hashtag #IDSL2019 – in the form of a Scottish student who invented 100 new signs for scientific terms, to help make STEM jobs more accessible for the hearing impaired. It occurred to me how small actions and ideas can have great consequences…

June 17, 2019


Changing the customer experience game

Today, CIOs are in a state of uncertainty. They face enormous complexity in this cloud and digital world. They are pressured to reduce costs, they need to do a lot more with less, and frequently lack the skills and expertise needed to change. Most of all, businesses aren’t only thinking about buying…

April 23, 2019


Podcast: Winning the battle against cyber criminals

<iframe title="SMB Inspire Series Podcast #2 – Winning the battle against cyber criminals" src="" height="315"…

December 19, 2018


What’s the one big tech development that shaped 2018?

Mark Phibbs, VP of Marketing & Communications for APJC talks about collaboration technology and the Future of Work on MoneyFM 89.3.   <iframe src=""…