Kartika Prihadi

Managing Director

Enterprise Networking APJC

Kartika is currently the Managing Director of Enterprise Networking for APJC. He leads the Enterprise Networking specialist sales team and is responsible for the growth of Cisco's core networking business and customer and parter adoption of new technologies as Cisco transforms its portfolio. Prior to joining the APJC Architectures team, he was responsible for managing Cisco's portfolio of partner programs in APJC and also leading the Partner Transformation strategy and execution for the region. Kartika worked across several functions in Cisco before the Partner Organization. Kartika was the Director of Commercial Sales for APJ, responsible for leading volume sales for the region (Cisco START) as well as managing the sales and partner programs for the Commercial segment. He was also the Director of Strategy and Planning for Architectures and Enterprise Segment, and was an Enterprise Business Development Manager in his first few years at Cisco. Kartika has been with Cisco for about 10 years. Kartika joined Cisco from the Boston Consulting Group where he was a Project Leader in the ASEAN practice. Before going into consulting, he also worked as a design engineer in the semiconductor industry and holds several patents. Kartika has an MBA from MIT Sloan, MSEE from UC Berkeley and a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon.


January 7, 2020


Intent-based Networking: Why businesses are investing

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