Samuel Poh

Director, Virtual Sales

Sales - ASEAN, India, GC

Possessing over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, Samuel Poh is a senior corporate executive passionate about delivering proven results in global business transformations. He has wide experience in sales, inside sales, virtual sales, channel management, shared services, and corporate strategy and operations.

Recognized as an expert in leading highly effective results-driven teams, Samuel brings tremendous value to the table by designing and achieving strategic goals that drive customer success. His strength lies in building new businesses and aligning organizations around a shared purpose to help them achieve their business transformation vision.


November 2, 2020


Is Digital Selling the New Oil?

We explore digital selling and its value to businesses by understanding how this data-driven selling process leverages digital assets, use of data in decision-making, customer relationship management, and forecasting. Is Digital Selling the New Oil? In this very fast-moving world, every day…

August 31, 2020


Sales: When Art Meets Science

Is selling an art, science, or both? We debunk the greatest sales debate of all time and discuss the shift in virtual selling with the rise of a “Phygital” model. Across the globe, sales is part of every possible business model, be it in terms of a product or service. Eons later, man continues to struggle…

August 10, 2020


Winning in the Virtual Sales World

Is Selling an art, or a science? It’s BOTH: An equilibrium of innate ability and adopting a structured process. In this digital world, success is dependent on the strong analysis of customer’s profiles and business needs, whilst an adversity quotient (AQ) and the ability to influence the customers.…