Neil Archer

Neil leads the Global Virtual Sales organization for Cisco in Asia Pacific, Greater China and Japan. In his role, he leads a regional sales organization of approximately 250 people located out of hubs in 14 key cities across the region.

Originally from the UK he has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Australia. Onboard with Cisco since 1998, Neil has held roles across many functions in the company including sales, channels, marketing and strategy & planning.

Neil is an experienced sales and marketing leader with a demonstrated history of building and executing go to market strategies to drive growth. Skilled in Business Planning, Change management and Sales Leadership.

Neil now lives in Australia with his wife and 3 children.


November 8, 2020


Making Virtual Sales Work

Getting virtual sales right matters if you are looking at improving coverage and effectiveness of your sales go to market while ensuring speed and experiences for your customers. Making Virtual Sales Work Virtual sales models are far more than just a trend, and certainly more than field sales reps…

August 17, 2020


The Rise of Virtual Sales

Virtual sales is now fundamental to survival and growth in a market where remote selling is the “next normal”. Gain new insights on the rise of this phenomenon and the benefits it has delivered. Virtual sales originated in the 1950s in the form known today as telemarketing. It has dramatically evolved…

August 10, 2020


Virtual: An Evolution in Selling

In the reality of a world impacted by Covid-19, businesses are embracing new and creative ways of selling through the use of digital tools and technology. Now the fastest growing and most widely adopted sales motion across the globe, virtual sales is winning the war for attention. Are organisations…