News Summary:

  • The launch of the Cisco Edge Data Centers in Jakarta marks a new milestone in Cisco’s commitment to supporting businesses’ cybersecurity readiness in Indonesia. This is in response to the fast-growing demand for security services across the country.
  • The move allows businesses in Indonesia, especially the public sector, financial services, and state-owned enterprise customers to align closer to local data regulations and compliance requirements.

JAKARTA, MAY 7, 2024 Cisco, the worldwide leader in enterprise networking and security, is expanding its cloud data center footprint for the first time in Indonesia with the launch of new Cisco Edge Data Centers. The new data centers will support network traffic inspection and enforcement to help customers bolster their cyber defenses. This investment in cybersecurity reaffirms Cisco’s commitment to support Indonesia’s rapidly growing economy, the largest in Southeast Asia.

Widespread cloud adoption, hybrid work, and increased adoption of applications and AI have transformed the IT environment, presenting businesses with the challenge of safeguarding against threats in a highly distributed environment, while maintaining a seamless user experience.

“Implementing an integrated security platform that provides comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and response across multiple layers of security is crucial for businesses to keep pace with the evolving landscape. According to a recent study by Cisco, only 12% of organizations in Indonesia have the ‘Mature’ level of readiness needed to mitigate modern cybersecurity risks, which highlights the scale of the challenge at hand,” said Marina Kacaribu, Managing Director, Cisco Indonesia. “Cisco’s new Edge Data Centers demonstrate our commitment to empowering Indonesian businesses to offer consistent and user-friendly protection to users accessing applications from any location and device while allowing traffic inspection in-country.”

Providing Dynamic Secure Access for Organizations

Cisco Edge Data Centers deliver Security Service Edge (SSE) functionality as part of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, which combines network security functions with wide area networking (WAN) capabilities to support the dynamic, secure access needs of organizations. This ensures security is not tied to a physical location but is based on the identity of users and the context of their access to resources, regardless of their location or device. This flexibility is vital for modern businesses.

“Most organizations use a complex web of point products that are ill-equipped for today’s highly distributed environments. With Cisco Secure Access, we are removing the burden from the user and providing frictionless access to all applications to enable secure, hybrid work. The result is enhanced security and a user-friendly experience,” said Koo Juan Huat, Director, Cybersecurity, Cisco ASEAN.

Enhanced User Experience, Efficiency, and Compliance with Cisco Secure Access

These new Edge Data Centers will enable the cloud delivery of core SSE components included in Cisco Secure Access: Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). It will also deliver an extended set of capabilities such as multimode Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with real-time DLP enforcement, digital experience monitoring, and AI-powered Talos threat intelligence all in one license and management platform. With the new local data centers, businesses can expect better connection stability, cost savings, and closer alignment with local data regulations and compliance requirements, all leading to an improved end-user experience.

Highlights of Cisco Secure Access include:

  • Common Access Experience: Delivers a single, easy way to access all applications and resources by intelligently and securely steering traffic to private and public destinations without end-user intervention.
  • Single, Cloud-Managed Console: Simplifies security operations by converging multiple functions into a single solution that protects all traffic. Administrators and analysts can monitor traffic, set policies, and assess security risks from a central platform, leading to efficiency gains, cost reductions, and a flexible IT environment.
  • Faster Detection and Response: Provides analysis to speed up investigations, backed by Cisco Talos AI-driven threat intelligence to detect and block more threats.

The Indonesia SSE data centers are part of a global network of Edge Data Centers spread across APAC, Europe, and the United States. To ensure the highest level of reliability, each region comprises redundant points of presence across physically independent data centers. These investments position Cisco Security for long-term success and ensure a consistent and elevated experience regardless of customers’ locations.


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