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• FiberStar becomes a Cisco SD-WAN Partner to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and enhance the connectivity experience for enterprise customers.• Cisco SD-WAN is a cloud-first architecture that separates data and control planes, managed via the Cisco vManage console.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, November 17, 2021 – Cisco and FiberStar, Indonesia’s leading telecommunications service provider, today announced that FiberStar has joined as a Partner of the Cisco Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). The partners will work together to deliver innovative SD-WAN solutions to transform the connectivity experience of enterprise customers.

FiberStar customers can now use Cisco SD-WAN services to increase their digital and business resilience, reduce the impact of network outages, and enhance their security posture. As a cloud-first architecture, Cisco SD-WAN separates data and control planes – managed via the Cisco vManage console – so enterprises can create an SD-WAN overlay fabric to connect data centers, branches, campuses, and colocation facilities for increased speed, security, and network efficiency. This service simplifies network management significantly and allows IT teams to connect different types of users with different types of devices, with different types of cloud environments. It aims to answer the growing customer needs for a network architecture to manage large amounts of traffic in accessing applications spread across the globe.

Marina Kacaribu, Director of Cisco Indonesia said, “Digital transformation is a strategic priority for businesses in Indonesia. Today, digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has increasingly driven the demand for cloud applications and development for remote work or work from anywhere. Cisco SD-WAN helps customers navigate this dynamic operating environment, by efficiently connecting applications with employees working in different locations, so organizations can deliver applications to users securely, and shape IT agility more cost-effectively. We are delighted to partner with FiberStar to support companies in Indonesia with innovative technology that will enable them to unlock new opportunities in Indonesia’s fast-growing digital economy.”

President Director of PT Mega Akses Persada (FiberStar), Sugiharto Darmakusuma said, “We are very pleased to be joining as the industry-leading Cisco SD-WAN solution partner. Since our establishment seven years ago, we have always been committed to providing fast, stable, and reliable network services with a high level of security to customers across the country. This partnership with Cisco brings us one step closer to our goals and allows us to transform and enhance the connectivity experience for businesses in Indonesia, as well as support their digital transformation goals. With SD-WAN technology, Fiberstar provides solutions for customers in managing the network in the future.”

A leading network provider, FiberStar works with companies across industry sectors to improve connectivity, traffic, and data transmission on their fiber optic networks. FiberStar provides telecommunications services ranging from data communication, voice, interactive video, and various other Internet of Things (IoT) derivatives. FiberStar’s customers include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cellular provider companies, companies from all segments of the Enterprise, ranging from Banking, Insurance, Finance, Universities, Hospitality, Retail, Convenient Stores and others. FiberStar services also include residential services using the technology in collaboration with pay tv partners and ISPs throughout Indonesia.

About PT Mega Akses Persada (FiberStar)Founded in 2014, FiberStar has developed into a national infrastructure service provider based on fiber optic cables with the concept of Net Neutrality. With 100% fiber optics, the FiberStar network is built on an open access architecture, which enables telecommunications service providers to deliver TRIPLE PLAY services. FiberStar has made progress for equitable adoption of ICT in Indonesia as well as creating National Resilience, especially in the field of the Digital Economy in Indonesia. As of October 2021, the FiberStar optical cable network has reached more than 135 cities or regencies in Indonesia, from Lampung, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, DI Yogyakarta, North Sumatra, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan to South Sulawesi.

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