From an economic viewpoint, COVID-19 has played out in quite different ways. Some industries have been hit hard, while others have either seemed to pivot well, or even thrive during the pandemic. But one thing is clear from my discussions with small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia. Those that have been getting on the front foot, using digital and mobile technologies to boost their capabilities, or adapt their offerings – these businesses are either flourishing right now, or getting in a good position to do so as the economy starts to recover.

Take Elizabeth Machines Co, a small sewing machine business based in Melbourne. Like many, when COVID-19 hit, this 40 year old business had to move employees from working 9-5 on-site to working from home in just a few days. Adding to an already challenging situation, sewing machine sales went through the roof with so many people in lockdown suddenly having more time on their hands!

So we helped them make the shift with Cisco’s online video collaboration tools like Webex, and Cisco Meraki which help improve network management to boost performance where needed for office branches and remote locations. 

During a time when we’re often competing for bandwidth and trying to juggle business commitments with the kids playing Fortnite, homeschooling and Netflix, Cisco tools like these help you prioritise bandwidth to the right device. Best of all, they’re easy to set up and manage so SMB owners and managers can use them without needing a technology degree!      

The bottom line is – by working with a trusted Cisco partner, Elizabeth Machines Co has been able to stay secure and productive during COVID-19 and keep their business in a profitable position.

Cisco and business nbn – an ideal connectivity combination for SMBs 

Speaking of working together, Cisco has been working with business nbn™ to help our SMB customers get connected to the right business nbn™ solution to meet your voice and data needs, along with the level of support you require. business nbn™ offers service providers business-grade services – including dedicated fibre access options – that are now more accessible for SMBs and can help support your network or digital strategy now and into the future. 

From a performance viewpoint, they also combine very effectively with Cisco Meraki, which means you’re matching the right IT with the right network connection. 

I recently appeared on the panel of a webinar hosted by Mark Bouris all about staying productive, secure and connected as we adapt to pandemic conditions. As Mark pointed out, Cisco and business nbn™ are each helping to bring the innovation that’s always been available to the top end of town which may help make it easier and more affordable for smaller businesses to bounce back, something I’m proud we’ve been able to do. 

Find a Cisco Partner and get the ball rolling

Many Cisco partners can now provide SMB technologies without large upfront investments, instead offering monthly consumption pricing models, where you pay for what you use. That makes important digital technologies – that level the playing field – more available and accessible. And it means you can enjoy the same greater speed and agility, uptime, faster bandwidth, and in-built security that larger businesses enjoy – all without breaking the bank!

The important thing is to start somewhere – even if you start small. Contact us to get in touch with a Cisco partner. They can help you build a plan and get connected to the right business nbn™ solution too.

You’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is to access the latest technologies that can help you stay resilient and profitable. The key is to put your business in the best possible position as the economy recovers.