Research and industry collaboration are key in helping to deliver applied innovation at scale and reduce the time it takes to solve business problems through the use of current and emerging technologies. It is the future model for enabling co-innovation at scale in Australia.

Working directly with universities, Cisco is supporting the development of industry ready skills that are required, today. As we move into the era of connected intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are among the most important technologies globally. They are making our cities, communities, industries and workplaces smarter and more adaptive to change. Adaption to change is going to be one of the most important determinants of Australia’s rebound from the current health and economic challenges.

Cisco has a number of university collaborations across Australia, and most recently with La Trobe University announcing the new Research Chair in AI & IoT. This is a jointly funded research chair and demonstrates the critical role that universities will need to play in Australia’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

The role of the Research Chair

Professor Wei Xiang has been appointed to the role which is the first of its kind globally. The Research Chair will have a multi-faceted role with a holistic focus. While research will be at the core of the Chair’s work the remit extends to:

  • Driving innovation and collaboration with industry more broadly, including the development of prototyping and catalysing La Trobe’s broader commitment to innovation
  • Positively impacting on the student experience and ensuring they are more industry ready
  • Helping La Trobe expand their credentials and offerings in AI and IoT.

The role and importance of technology in every aspect of our lives has been further highlighted during the pandemic. Industries, from manufacturing, to healthcare, education and transport and logistics – are being digitally transformed.

La Trobe’s decision to collaborate with Cisco on this important appointment is a demonstrates that a combination of industry and academic expertise, has the potential to unlock new innovation capability. This was acknowledged by La Trobe University Vice Chancellor John Dewar in a recent media release.

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