Cisco joins forces with La Trobe University to lead on campus technology innovation, and to position and prepare students for industry-ready and digital skills required in the knowledge economy that help to solve real-world industry problems. 

• La Trobe University and Cisco strengthen partnership – MOU signed

• Calling for Cisco Chair of the Internet of Things (IoT) role – Apply today

• Country Digital Acceleration Program – Cisco committed $61 million investment

On the 10 September a new agreement was signed by Cisco and La Trobe University to reinforce their common vision to embrace technology and innovation with a focus on IoT, through a range of education initiatives. The strengthened partnership provides a dedicated focus on co-innovation and research, teaching and learning, intuitive campus, enhancing pathways as well as reputation building and sharing.

A new position ‘Cisco Chair of the Internet of Things (IoT)’ is being established as well as a new Cisco Co-innovation Centre presence at the university, bringing together researchers and industry to facilitate collaboration and create new innovation opportunities.

There are more than 500 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2030. The IoT is the network of these connected devices – and smart, connected devices generate data that IoT applications use to aggregate, analyse, and deliver insights, which helps drive more informed decisions and actions which will no doubt benefit the La Trobe partnership and the broader Australian economy.

The partnership also offers La Trobe access to Cisco’s best in class global programs such as its Networking Academy modules with IoT, cybersecurity and entrepreneurship, and access to the Digital Schools Network to share resources and connections.  This is another example of Cisco’s ongoing commitment to innovation and research in Australia and expands the Co-Innovation Centre footprint. There is currently an Innovation Central in Sydney, and in Perth.

These associated programs are co-funded by Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration with a recent $61 million investment, a commitment announced to help provide access to world leading programs that spark creativity and connection to deliver ideas that will propel Australia’s digital future.  Cisco is actively leading this effort by accelerating investment into the education sector with a focus on digital skills and technology.

This exciting partnership supports the upskilling of students in technology areas that are needed now, and critical for Australia’s long-term competitiveness.


Read more about the strengthened partnership and associated Country Digital Acceleration Programs today.