I’m Bidhan, and I look after our SMB business in Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China. I often meet with SMBs in the region to find out what keeps you up at night and learn something new from you every day.

SMBs in my network tell me about the challenges they face and what they are doing to address them. I’ve found that the top challenges are: business growth, workforce productivity, attracting and retaining talent, protecting against cybersecurity and maintaining an agile IT infrastructure. I see a strong desire amongst SMBs to learn more and do more to adapt to challenges and seize opportunities.

I’m really excited to share a new platform for SMBs in Asia Pacific which will offer help on how to deal with your circumstances. I’ve spoken to many of you at SMB industry forums around the region, and it’s clear that you’d like more insights, expert viewpoints about effective business and digital transformation, including what it takes to sustain it in the longer term.

The Cisco SMB Inspire Series is where you can learn the best practices gleaned from our years of experience working with SMBs, get updates on the latest tips and trends and how you scale up efficiently.

To kick off the program we’ll be introducing a series of blog posts and podcasts on Cloud, Connectivity, Security, Leadership, Attracting & Retaining Talent and Digital Transformation in 2019.

Check out our SMB site for more updates coming soon! https://www.cisco.com/c/en_sg/solutions/small-business.html

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