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In the Japanese Zodiac, Boars represent courage and adventure and have a pioneering spirit. They are good natured, fun, resilient with a strong sense of empathy.  These traits will be essential to a successful 2019, a year in Japan where digital transitions and business model transformation go mainstream.

2019 will be a year for Japan to prepare for Tokyo 2020 and for many companies to disrupt their current business models. It is going to be a year where many industries and verticals, including central and local governments,  turn to digital technologies and solutions to solve todays and tomorrows problems. Digital transition will be front and center in 2019, where industries prepare, prove, and deploy new and innovative digital capabilities to: better compete globally;  enhance customer experience, and; drive productivity and operational efficiencies.    

Last year, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning were more readily introduced in enterprise and commercial organizations. Customers’ required greater insights and predictive analytics from Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT).  As these technologies move from proof of concept to mainstream deployment, and systems continue to get more intelligent, businesses have begun to address talent gaps in its technology portfolio with automation and orchestration tools on premise and in the cloud. With the focus and drive to move faster and be more competitive by leveraging digitization,  Cybersecurity has moved to center stage. Security – network, physical, operational, have become key components to digital success.

So, what will be hot from Cisco in 2019 in the Year of the Boar “亥”;


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