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Today, the IT landscape is changing dramatically. By 2019, we estimate 93% of organizations will be using multiple clouds for Infrastructure, Service Delivery Platforms, and SaaS business models. Driven by this trend,there will be a greater need for end-to-end visualization, WAN optimization, and new policy models to support new types of multi-cloud environments that enable enhanced user experience. In addition, we anticipate there will be 28.5 billion IoT connected devices globally in the next few years, and 1.4 billion IoT devices in Japan alone. This market trend infers the number of cyber attacks will grow exponentially, as more devices are connected to the network.

In this era of “everything is connected,” the success or failure of a company's digital transformation will depend on network resiliency, reliability, and security. For the last several years, Cisco has been working on enhanced network services to deliver increased productivity through automation, orchestration, security, and analytics. The results of these efforts are Cisco Intent-Based Networking.

Intent-Based Networking refers to the network’s ability to deliver a clearly defined business outcome, while providing rich feedback and insights on how well the intent was executed on through analytics and visualization. These capabilities are at the core of Cisco’s Next Generation Intent-Based Networking solutions for Datacenter, Campus, Branch networks, and the WAN.

Cisco wants to enable businesses of all sizes to deploy an Intent-Based Network, which provides a smarter, simpler, and more secure networking environment. Wired or wireless, no matter the size, the introduction of these new software defined capabilities with rich security services will make Intent-based Networking accessible to every customer, from small businesses to the largest of enterprises and service providers.

Network connections unlock the potential to create even more powerful relationships, bringing the world together, bridging the gaps, and enabling possiblites.

Our new “The bridge to possible” campaign will showcases how Cisco builds the bridge from where our customers are now to where they want to go, by connecting people, places, ideas, and things.

Cisco Japan will continue to change the way we work, live, play, and learn by co-creating digital Innovation with our customers, partners, and society. – Becoming the bridge between IT and businesses.

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