Cisco announced today its “5G Showcase” which will enable proof of concept experiments in end-to-end 5G network environments, and promote the value of high-speed 5G mobile communication.

5G is a next-generation communication method that accelerates the digital transformation of society and brings innovation to businesses of all industries. As the introduction of 5G SA (standalone) progresses, 5G will be realized through local engagements utilizing various cutting-edge applications including AR/VR, AI, self-driving, smart cities and connected health. These applications will be able to take advantage of ultra-reliable low-latency communication (uRLLC) and massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC).

By 2025, more than 50% of mobile operators’ revenues are predicted to be derived through services tailored for enterprise clients and industries.

To maximize the value of 5G, it is becoming more important than ever to drive a close integration between telecom carrier infrastructure and enterprise network systems, and to establish digital environments that can cover the following requirements:

  • seamless connectivity with unlicensed wireless access such as Wi-Fi6
  • end-to-end visualization
  • analysis and closed loop automation
  • secure and rapid service provisioning.

The objective of the Cisco 5G Showcase is to create and propose active 5G use cases in collaboration with customers and partners from various industries, and to support the promotion of digital transformation.

End-to-end 5G reference architecture:

  • 5G Showcase connects networks modeled on telecom carrier commercial infrastructure with networks mimicking enterprise systems to create a complete end-to-end network that includes cutting-edge Cisco technologies and ecosystem partner technology.
  • Provides demonstration of network solutions realized on the reference architecture.

Open laboratory:

  • Cisco 5G Showcase provides an open cooperative innovation environment with telecommunication carriers, enterprises, and eco partners for conducting end-to-end environment application development and testing.
  • Support to reduce time and cost by having Cisco engineers support PoC (Proof of Concept) and providing the knowledge needed for constructing PoC lab environments.

Use case creation:

  • Cisco 5G Showcase supports the acceleration of digital transformation in partnership with telecommunication carriers, company users, and ecosystem partners by creating use cases that offer innovative solutions to businesses utilizing 5G.

5G showcase content and future development plan

The 5G showcase is located in the CPOC laboratory on the 27th floor of the Cisco Tokyo Office.  This showcase is available for those who are considering developing and testing end-to-end solutions that maximize 5G value and who wish to see demonstrations such as:

  • Solutions for 5GC telecom carriers that enable automation of the management and operation of various NF lifecycles on slicing/container platforms or end-to-end automation and orchestration across domains comprised of wireless access, transport, and data centers.
  • Solutions for Open Roaming companies that are keen to explore Private Cellar System (Local LTE/5G) automated provisioning, local distribution of mobile user planes via CUPS, and seamless Wi-Fi and 5G connection.

This 5G Showcase will continue to add more solutions and demonstrations, and bolster vertical solutions for manufacturing, transports, and energy industries, and create and propose active utilization methods for 5G and beyond.

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  • What is 5G?
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Customer Supporting Statement:

“We sincerely welcome the opening of Cisco 5G Showcase.  In addition to our collaboration with Cisco in providing services such as Giga Raku Wi-Fi and Managed SD-WAN, we are pleased to work together further to solve social problems, promote regional revitalization, and accelerate the digital transformation by combining Cisco’s leading global solutions with NTT East’s knowledge and expertise in the field of local 5G.”

Partner Supporting Statements:

 Caroline Chan, Vice President and General Manager of Network Business Incubator Division, Intel Corporation
“The transformation of the network is further accelerated with 5G and the buildout of the edge, requiring a strong ecosystem to deliver solutions. Through our close collaboration with Cisco, including our work within its 5G showcase that features some 5G infrastructure and edge solutions based on Intel technologies, we are helping customers design an agile infrastructure, from core to access to edge, to deliver a range of new edge services.”

Yasuhiko Terada, Managing Executive Officer, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
“Currently, digital transformation is spreading to various industries by digitizing the physical world and merging it with the virtual, 5G will be the platform that will supports DX and accelerate the digitization of enterprises. CTC will integrate Cisco 5G showcase with our DX solutions to provide customers with the best DX solutions.”

Hyungbae Kim, President, KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd.
“We would like to congratulate Cisco on the opening of their 5G Showcase.
KCCS Mobile Engineering aims to be a “global company that contributes to the creation of communities in which people can live without disparity by providing optimized solutions that fuse mobile and ICT”, and we are providing solutions across wide area networks including Mobile Internet, AI, IoT, Big Data, virtual cloud, as well as 5G, SDN, and NFV, GPON, and engineering. We are developing a wide range of businesses from SDN, NFV, GPON to engineering. We are committed to contributing overall 5G deployments including RAN, radio wave analysis, and core network integration toward digital innovation.”

Jun Chie, President and Representative Director, Keysight Technologies Japan K.K.
“Keysight Technologies welcomes the announcement of Cisco 5G Showcase.  Our mission is to be the first in the industry to provide measurement solutions that can cover the entire communications network, and we have been working with leading network system provider Cisco Systems to drive innovation in the rapidly expanding network. We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with Cisco and its partners to help accelerate the use of 5G in Japan.”

Atsuo Kawamura, Executive Vice President, President of Network Services Business Unit, NEC Corporation
“In addition to providing 5G systems for service providers, NEC provides private 5G by combining its expertise in building applications and systems to meet regional and industrial needs by integrating the application and system construction know-how that it cultivated through system integration for various industries.
With the opening of Cisco’s 5G Showcase, we expect that private 5G will become more widespread and industrial DX will accelerate, leading to the creation of new markets and business expansion for both companies.”

Koji Tsuji, Vice President, Managing Director, East Japan Business Unit 2, Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
“We welcome the establishment of Cisco 5G Showcase.  We believe that 5G Showcase is the only place in Japan where various 5G applications can be integrated end to end.  We trust that 5G business is a great opportunity for us to create new values in the enterprise and public sector markets in addition to service providers, and we will further contribute together to solving social and corporate issues by combining the assets of Net One Systems, Cisco Systems, and our partners and create new value.”

Hajime Inoue, General Manager, Network Systems Division, Solution Systems Business Group, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
“We are fully support of accelerating innovations from Japan driving full-scale deployment of 5G. In the full-scale deployment of 5G, it is important to create use cases in the ecosystem, and we welcome the establishment of a place where service providers, enterprise, and solution vendors can fuse, co-create, and test the technology, and we hope this will invigorate the 5G business market. We also believe that 5G is a tool to accelerate DX, and we hope to promote DX by utilizing 5G with our AI edge computer.”

Junko Sunaga, President, Qualcomm Japan G.K.
“5G is a pervasive wireless communications technology that will allow virtually every industry to deliver advanced connectivity and impact every aspect of our society as our social infrastructure technology with enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low-latency communications and massive IoT. We hope that 5G use-case creation and solution development enabled by “5G Showcase” will accelerate digital transformation of our society.”