We are very excited about the acquisition of ThousandEyes, which we have completed on August 7th, 2020. Combined with AppDynamics, Cisco will deliver the best digital experience to end users and greatly accelerate digital transformation in the Japanese market.

Under the new normal, the Internet has become a critical lifeline for billions of people worldwide. The same goes for businesses. The Internet is the new corporate network with rapid acceleration of cloud adoption, widespread use of SaaS applications such as Webex.

People are working remotely from various locations, to distance learning to telemedicine. There is a reliance on the Internet like never before, for both customer and employee experiences, with technologies such as SD-WAN that is often built on top of the public Internet.

However, according to the AppDynamics App Attention Index, a survey of more than 7,000 consumers, as many as 84% of consumers have experienced problems with digital services, proving that many businesses are failing to consistently deliver the high-quality digital experiences that are now expected and demanded. As companies evolve toward app-centric businesses, it places enormous strain on enterprise IT, exposing dangerous silos between teams and technologies. IT teams must also ensure business continuity during irregular operations.

Under such circumstances, the one thing that is clear to all of us is the need for a great user experience. If you are working, learning, or visiting a doctor remotely, application experience has to be at its peak performance. Gaining visibility with better understanding on how your applications are doing in this new world is absolutely critical.

This is the reason why we acquired ThousandEyes. It is an Internet and cloud intelligence platform focused on monitoring and troubleshooting network performance for SaaS and cloud applications, particularly focused on the network experience from the edge of the enterprise to the cloud. ThousandEyes’ Internet and cloud intelligence platform enable organizations to visualize any network as if it was their own. Customers can pinpoint deficiencies and improve network and application performance across enterprise and cloud networks.

Cisco AppDynamics and ThousandEyes bring two solutions to help companies thrive in this hyper-connected world:

  • Removes the silos vertically (between application teams, network teams and infrastructure teams) and horizontally (between the enterprise and their dependencies such as Cloud/SaaS providers) to create a consistent view of digital experiences and the performance issues impacting them.
  • A true end-to-end picture has to incorporate internal (network) telemetry with external (Internet) intelligence.
  • Creates a feedback loop to make the view more actionable resulting in seamless problem solving without humans getting involved.

ThousandEyes delivers expanded visibility, insight, and action into the digital delivery of applications and services over the Internet. ThousandEyes focuses on three key use cases that visualize user experience across networks and applications:

  • WAN Experience: Deploy modern WAN infrastructures as a baseline for branch readiness, including both overlay and underlay monitoring
  • Employee Digital Experience: Transform remote worker experience and successfully embrace multi-cloud and SaaS, focusing on productivity, cost, speed, and competitive advantage
  • Customer Digital Experience: Visualize, understand and improve connected experiences everywhere with a focus on revenue, reputation, risk and regulatory compliance

We are also very excited to combine the power of ThousandEyes with the incredible power of AppDynamics. AppDynamics is a leader in application and business monitoring, and it provides end-to-end performance visibility across applications.

Combined with ThousandEyes, we now have this end-to-end visibility stack where we can watch the visibility and performance of applications and services to enhance user experience, and we can also do so in the network. By using these two powers, the end user can instantly understand where all the potential issues are in terms of connectivity, performance, and address those issues first-hand.

I admire AppDynamics not only because it’s the number one Application Performance Management (APM) in the market, but it is truly providing end-to-end visibility from user, mobile device, data center to cloud, and across so many different environments. We have seen a hundred plus customers consume AppDynamics to increase and enhance their business as well as their user experience.

It’s truly helping Cisco differentiate in the market, especially now, as more and more digital transitions are happening across the Japanese market. AppDynamics will play a vital role for all companies and their success in dealing with their customers and partners, and to develop an ecosystem across the Japanese market.

Cisco’s strength in networking, combined with AppDynamics Application visibility and network performance monitoring with ThousandEyes, allows customers to have an end-to-end view into the digital delivery of applications and services over the Internet. This combination allows us to provide the most comprehensive visibility into digital experience for applications and services hosted in a datacenter or in the cloud, to customers and employees located anywhere. It empowers enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation no matter where they are in the journey, and enables us to enhance the performance and capabilities of all of our customers in Japan.

Our purpose at Cisco is to Power an Inclusive Future for All. With so much transformation happening very rapidly in the market, we are absolutely committed to providing the best quality and technical support that we possibly can for our customers in Japan.

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