Seeing how educators and administrators are finding new ways to use technology to enhance learning and teaching outcomes for students is quite amazing, especially when they share how they are leveraging the full capabilities of Cisco’s technology in innovative ways.

In the past 15 years I have visited dozens of universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East, which has provided me with a front row seat to the diversity of approaches used to navigate unique opportunities, challenges and constraints. It’s always so exciting to see this innovation right on our doorstep in Australia, in Perth.

The University has campuses in Perth, in regional community Kalgoorlie, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, as well as a significant virtual campus fully online. Curtin has found ways of integrating Cisco technologies to enhance its campus experiences and continues to explore novel ways of expanding its reach and making the learning experience more immersive, relevant and engaging.

Enabling collaboration through innovation

A snapshot of this innovation can be seen in the video here, which includes.

  • Curtin’s Challenge Platform (integrated with Cisco Webex) which enables students globally to self-form teams and collaborate on real industry problems and the UN Sustainble Development Goals using digital tools
  • Curtin’s foundational work in the Digital Schools Network, which helps to connect K12 and university educators and leaders from Australia, Asia and the US
  • The Connected Country initiative, which leverages Cisco technologies to bring together learners in rural and remote Australia with those in urban locations and to broaden and enrich the learning experienes of all; opening up a world of opportunity and possibility.

For many years Curtin University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Professor Jill Downie, has been a champion of innovative approaches to learning and pedagogies. She encourages teams to put quality student experiences and outcomes at the centre of their efforts, and to look to technology as a vital enabler of that vision as Curtin delivers for students.

As Profressor Downie shared in the video, “Curtin and Cisco always knew it was about bringing people together. We started with the Digital Schools Network, a global network of communities, learning and sharing together on Webex, securely.”

At Cisco, we’re proud of the work we do with Curtin University to help Curtin realise its vision for learners worldwide.

You can find out more in the video about how technology is enabling innovative collaboration at Curtin. Watch the video now!