Ask leaders in higher education about their biggest challenge and you’ll get a consistent answer: student experience, engagement and retention.

In many ways it’s not surprising. Institutions take on a huge responsibility when they enrol a student and the impact of a student dropping out can be staggering for both the institution and the student.

For Institutions, one of the major levers to improving student retention is via data analytics. Specifically, analysing the right data to quickly identify students that may drop out and finding ways to intervene before it’s too late. Which leads to a number of questions including:

  • Which students are most at risk?
  • What interventions might work?
  • How can administrators provide support to students at crucial points?

These are the kinds of challenges that Involvio, a Cisco platform ecosystem partner, may be able to solve for institutions. Involvio offers a compelling combination of mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence and communication capabilities designed to improve student engagement and retention.

Involvio’s solutions leverage Cisco infrastructure to help institutions focus in two major areas,which together ultimately contribute to enhanced student experience. These areas include:

  1. Attendance data and campus analytics – leveraging the Cisco network to gain visibility into student and campus trends.
  2. Student support and collaboration – delivering powerful interventions to support students who need help.

Involvio-Cisco Architecture

Using Cisco digital infrastructure to capture analytics – coupled with Cisco collaboration to provide student support when and where they need it – Institutions can become data-driven, student-centered and deliver truly personalised learning and engagement. Taking a platform approach (Cisco + Involvio) is more efficient for Institutions to manage, maintain and fund than deploying a mix of digital solutions that don’t integrate with each other.

Cisco digital learning and campus technology is a major enabler in transforming the education sector globally and its continued innovation is helping to redefine the student and campus experience. Cisco’s investment in digital transformation provides access to proven solutions like Involvio which are globally recognised to enhance the student and campus experience.

Cisco provides innovative digital education solutions which contributes to a safer and smarter learning and teaching experience for everyone. It is Cisco’s digital acceleration initiatives and partnerships like the recent collaboration with University Western Australia (UWA) and its launch of a new centralised intuitive future campus solution ‘Involvio’, an app-based software solution centralising services in one digital platform.

Involvio is designed to suit the specific needs of UWA students which combines a mobile application, artificial intelligence and communication capabilities to enhance the student experience at the University. The app provides extensive network analytics so that education providers can make data-driven decisions to identify improvement opportunities in real-time.

Through student feedback a need for a more consolidated suite of digital services was identified and UWA is a proud early adopter of the technology being the first Australian University to recently deploy Involvio in Australia. The platform is now available for UWA students offering a new kind of digital interaction in a range of different ways.

Read more about the UWA Involvio student experience online at Campus Review.


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