Different industry sectors are being disrupted by technology at different rates.

This has been explored at length in a seminal piece of primary research by Cisco titled The Digital Vortex. The Digital Industries Summit – held as part of Cisco Live Melbourne – was intended to get below the surface of these mega-trends and hear from executives in a range of industries about their lived experience with digitisation. The key drivers of rapidly evolving digitisation includes the developments in automation: artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and intuitive data analytics.

The Digital Summit event included an education-specific track which attracted an array of high-profile speakers. KPMG and Cisco jointly produced a report synthesising more than 15 individual sessions and speakers. The ‘Towards Education of the Future’ report explores our teaching, research, industry collaboration, technology and campus design need to be re-imagined and digitised. Five major themes were identified and are supported by practical examples and case studies:

– Educating for the future of work

– Structure and partnerships

– Data, behaviour and skills

– Cyber security

– The converging built and technological environment.


Cisco led the conversation amongst education leaders and technology experts from across the Asia Pacific region to uncover the potential impacts that innovation may present for the future of higher education. The overarching message was that to be ‘future ready’ it is vital to rethink processes, systems, behaviours and mindsets, and to act without delay to remain competitive.

You can read the report here

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