The velocity with which enterprises are digitizing has never been so high. And yet, we need to move even faster.

In every industry in Asia Pacific, Japan and China, technology is accelerating with break-neck speed. Singapore’s Changi airport is kept clean by housekeeping robots. Panasonic has invented a scanner that accurately measures nutrients in your plate of food. A Philippine start-up is turning invasive water plants into biofuel for communities that would otherwise use coal. And a Chinese company is farming free-range chicks with blockchain, to ensure customers receive the right filets.  

Plenty of these technologies have broad implications for accessibility, healthcare, banking, transport and more. The question to ask is, who will use all this technology? Will consumers adopt these solutions? And if so: what does it mean for customer experience? Many up and coming digital solutions are either still searching for a real use case or they likely won’t affect most consumers for a long time. But some of it is ready to impact customer experience or drive innovation efforts today.

In two weeks, Cisco is hosting Digital Summits: on Transportation, Health Care, Education, Financial Services and Retail. These Summits, which are part of the Cisco Live Melbourne program, are all about digital technologies that are real, implemented and already impacting customers. We know this, because our lineup of speakers, which includes Lotte, Curtin University, the Port of Rotterdam, Alibaba and Google, will share with our audience how their innovation impacts customer experience today. And knowing these tangible (not just visionary) use cases, attendees can implement these technologies in their businesses.

Because digitization is simply not happening fast enough. Our experiences of digital technologies are conditioned by the tech we use in our everyday lives, at home, and for the most part enterprises are failing to live up to it. We can name cost, security issues, a talent shortage and unfit infrastructure as roadblocks.

Cisco is hosting the summits to overcome those roadblocks. But more than that, we aim to help enterprises connect the dots, so they can go from just having Digital Transformation knowledge, to gaining insights and experience, and level up to a well-rounded strategy with valuable partnerships.

See you there!

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