Over the last decade, the drone industry has exploded. Now a key emerging market for technology innovation; analysts forecast the global market for drone-powered business services to be valued at more than $127 billion USD.

Whether they’re being used to spot sharks off Australian beaches, by police to hover over crowds at big events or to fly over areas exposed to natural disasters determining where humanitarian aid is needed – the uses of drones are extensive and vital; often providing a view that the human eye often can’t capture.

For businesses, the benefits of using this innovative technology is three-fold. Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as they can often be referred to, reduce business costs while increasing operational efficiency. In some cases they can even assist in finding new markets openings for both smaller and enterprise clients.

It’s an exciting, growing and innovative industry to be involved with and as a result, we’re thrilled to be working alongside JAR Aerospace; a developer and manufacturer of purpose-built Unmanned Aerial Vehicles who won the Cisco Start Challenge in July this year.

We created the Cisco Start Challenge to give small businesses and startups the opportunity to pitch for a digital transformation that would help them to stay head of the technology curve and support them as they grow.

As the winner of the challenge, the team at JAR Aerospace has been awarded a digital transformation package worth AUD$40,000 focusing on security and connectivity solutions from our Cisco Start portfolio. The solutions will help to digitally transform the business; helping to fuel its future growth and achieve the team at JAR Aerospace’s ultimate goal –  to become the frontier for manned and unmanned space exploration from Australia.

KNet Technology will be working with JAR Aerospace to help implement Cisco Start Security and Networking solutions. The technology will ensure that all the top-secret information that JAR stores and uses; both for its defence and commercial applications, remain secure.

With the first stage of its digital transformation underway, check out the first video of the series “ Introducing JAR Aerospace” to find out how our technology is helping to make a difference to the business.

Stay tuned for the next video installment, which will delve deeper into how JAR Aerospace has overhauled its security stack.


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