In a world driven by innovation and technology, it’s important to acknowledge the remarkable individuals propelling progress. That’s precisely what the Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2023 have done—illuminating outstanding women making substantial contributions to the industry. Cisco proudly boasts a stellar line-up of exceptional women whose remarkable achievements are reshaping the technology landscape.

Championing Innovation

Deborah Wong and Regita Permana Putri stand as pioneers of innovation, finalists for the Innovation award. Their knack for transforming raw ideas into practical solutions showcases a visionary perspective that breaks boundaries. Deborah’s strategic prowess and Regita’s creative brilliance redefine innovation.

Excelling in Technical Brilliance

The Technical award salutes technical brilliance, and Lotis Gonzales and Preeyanuch Adirek epitomize this excellence. Their notable contributions have driven substantial business value through specialized skills, spanning technical, pre-sales, and support roles. With in-depth domain knowledge across technology products, solutions, and services, they set a benchmark for excellence in the field.

Elevating Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneur award celebrates bold risk-takers, and Winnie Heng embodies this spirit. Her impressive track record of nurturing innovation from scratch, alongside her talent for turning novel ideas into tangible business offerings, positions her as a visionary leader. Winnie’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship, sparking meaningful change and driving innovation.

Rising Stars Shine Bright

The Rising Star award celebrates rising talents, including Angela Arlina and Lynette Lim. They embody exceptional business acumen, profound market expertise, and unwavering professional integrity. Their journey signifies the promising ascent of emerging stars within the industry.

Radiant Leadership

The Shining Star award honors leaders who steer company initiatives and strategic shifts. In this category, Sridarti Herryanto stands tall. Her remarkable track record and delivery of standout business outcomes have propelled her to a leader in the organisation.

A Legacy of Impact and Achievement

The Achievement award celebrates individuals who’ve left an indelible mark, and Kerri Lampard epitomizes this distinction. As a respected thought leader, Kerri inspires aspiring executives, leaving an enduring legacy of innovation.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion drive progress, and Shehara Viswanathan from stands as a beacon. She’s recognized for fostering diversity and inclusion through mentorship and thought leadership. She diligently cultivates diverse teams, fueling change.

The Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2023 beautifully spotlight exceptional women shaping technology’s landscape. Cisco’s finalists stand as beacons of innovation, technical brilliance, entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and leadership. Their contributions inspire us to break barriers, embrace diversity, and drive positive change. Kudos to these extraordinary individuals for their well-deserved recognition. Their presence and contributions make the technology future brighter.