• BC Cho, served as the President of Cisco Korea twice before being newly appointed as Chairman. He is the first Chairman in Korea since the establishment of Cisco Korea.
  • Cathy Choi, Vice President of Cisco Korea, has been appointed as the new President. She is the first female President of Cisco Korea.

Seoul, June 24, 2022 –  Cisco announced that the company has appointed BC Cho, as the new Chairman moving on from his position as President of Cisco Korea. Cathy Choi, Vice President of Cisco Korea, will be taking over the position as the new President. The two new appointments will be effective as of August 1, the beginning of the Cisco fiscal year.

Cho was appointed as the Chairman of Cisco Korea. He has led the Cisco Korea office twice, from 2009 to 2011 and from 2016 to the present, respectively which is an unusual practice in the industry. Cisco Korea Chairman is a new position in accordance with the heightened status of the Korean market, and Cho is writing a new chapter in history as the first Chairman of Cisco Korea.

During his tenure as the President of Cisco Korea in the past six years, Cisco Korea recorded high annual growth rates, and he has contributed greatly to successfully transforming Cisco Korea into a software company. In addition, he put a lot of effort to create a healthy work environment, and as a result, Cisco Korea was named the ‘Great Place To Work in Korea’ in 2019 and 2022, respectively. As the new Chairman, he will lead the ‘Digital Native’ project for digital startups such as fintech, games, e-commerce, and portals driven by Cisco Korea with initiatives in the service provider (SP), enterprise, and public sectors. He plans to focus on sustainable growth not only in Korea, but also in the entire Cisco APJC (Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China) and to focus on large-scale business development by taking the initiative in overseas business of global customers in APJC.

Choi, the new President of Cisco Korea, joined the company in 2000 and has gained competency through experiences in various business areas within in practice, such as system engineer, marketing, collaboration, service provider (SP), and partner organization for the past 22 years. Most recently, she has been leading business innovation in the Cisco Global Enterprise Market (CGEM) sector, which is related to major domestic conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG. While serving at Cisco, she has promoted business growth and innovation through outstanding leadership. In addition, she is the APJC leader of ‘Women of Cisco (WoC)’, Cisco’s global community to support women’s careers and is actively participating in fostering women’s talents in IT and providing mentorship.

“Cathy is the first President in Cisco Korea’s 28-year history to be promoted internally, showing the strong position of the Korean market in the Asia-Pacific region. Now we have gained a prominent momentum for high growth and I am confident we will be able to achieve continuous growth in the future,” said BC Cho. “As the Chairman of Cisco Korea, I will provide support for Choi and strive to promote the growth of not only Korea but also the entire APJC region.”

Cathy Choi said, “I am delighted to be appointed as Cisco Korea’s new President. I will do my best to realize the ‘inclusive future’, Cisco’s vision. Cisco will become an important enabler in the rapidly growing cloud market. We plan to focus on pioneering new markets by focusing on Smart Factory and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.” She added: “I am confident that Cisco will continue to be a key business partner for enterprise that accelerating their digital transformation.”

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