You may notice that in the technology industry, particularly cybersecurity, is that people often don’t expect to land where they do. In fact, it’s one of the best things about this industry as it brings together diversity in perspectives and knowledge.

We asked a few people in the Cisco cybersecurity team how their careers started.

“I started my career as a lawyer. I stumbled into cybersecurity.”

“I started my career as a video game designer. I did not expect to land in cybersecurity.”

“I started my career in computer programming, software, networking, and then cybersecurity. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.”

So, what’s stopping you from considering a career in cybersecurity? Or, brushing up on your skills in one of the most evolving technology areas?


Why Cybersecurity? A skills shortage, more diversity in thought needed

The cyber skills gap is well known, and in Australia there is a severe shortage of job-ready cyber security workers with nearly 17,000 more needed by 2026 (according to AustCyber).

What’s clear, is no two cybersecurity professionals have the same origins story. Each person who’s forged a career in the industry has done so in a way that’s unique to them, which means there are all sorts of ways for people to enter the field.


Four reasons to boost your skills

A new cybersecurity training program, Boost, is launching in Australia enable people to gain cybersecurity skills and knowledge. Open to all, the program delivers accredited Cisco Networking Academy cybersecurity modules for free, in partnership with RMIT University. The program is well suited to those wanting to make a career shift to the cybersecurity sector, as well as those wanting to boost their cybersecurity skills.

The course runs for 15 weeks virtually, with an hour of coursework each week, as well as additional opportunities to bring the content to life, build networks, and help you meet your cybersecurity ambitions. What you get out of the program:

  • Access to two industry ready courses that allow you to gain two digital badges and be ‘certification ready’ to take a Cisco exam in Cyber Operations.
  • Mentorship from a cybersecurity expert, dedicated to providing guidance and support including industry tips and tricks
  • A curated speakers series with industry leaders, sharing insights on their cybersecurity journey, to how to land your dream job.
  • A cybersecurity community keen to support. While the course if virtual, it is not your sit and watch the screen kind of course. It’s more about building connections, learning with peers, and understanding core fundamental cybersecurity principles and modules; and getting together to foster learning, together. There’s nothing like it.

At the end of the program, you’ll have the qualifications to be a level one security operations analyst. And like all technology roles, your skills will be well valued in many careers and job paths. The course commences on 27 July 2022. Are you ready to boost your career?

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