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~ Enhance network foundation for the new “Smart HUB” service with advanced features supporting high demand ~

Cisco announced that Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) adopted Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure), the data center SDN solution, for virtualized network foundation on which “IIJ Private Backbone Service Smart HUB” (Hereafter “Smart HUB”) will be running to provide to their enterprise customers being offered from June.

In IIJ, there has been a rise in demand for software based virtualized network that equips flexibility and can adapt the market requirement quickly as the migration from on-premises to cloud is accelerated by the rapid spread of coronavirus nationwide and the traffic between data centers are increased along with service expansion. The company seeking the rapid deployment of stable services decided to adopt carrier grade Cisco ACI which provides high availability and stabile wire-rate transmission to its large data centers mainly in Tokyo and Osaka used for new services.

Based on Cisco Nexus 9300 switch, Cisco ACI configures IP fabrics and controls whole network using APIC(Application Policy Infrastructure Controller). Having 400G Ethernet ports, Nexus 9300 can scale network quickly with lower cost and efficiently reduce the environmental loads with its power and space saving feature. Network operation state can be visible in real time using Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights, the operation and management software for data centers which was also introduced this time, and pre-detection of failure and unraveling the cause has become available. Besides, functioning Cisco ACI’s muti-pod and Remote leaf feature, which was the first adoption by a domestic communication service provider, and setting APIC in standalone configuration, consolidated operation management covering different locations will be performed on Smart HUB platform.

Together, the IIJ and Cisco will strengthen support for high capacity, efficiency and flexibility looking to the linkage with MPLS core network as well as introduction of Kubernetes, the virtualized software automation platform.  We will continue to support IIJ for the expansion of its installed bases following to the deployment of 100 Cisco Nexus 9300s and 20 APICs in domestic multiple locations this time in its promotion of digital workplace.

“Recently, as the diversification of working environment is progressed in our customers, the needs for flexible yet high volume private cloud network while keeping reliability and stability is at surge,” said Hajime Shironouchi, the executive officer of Internet Initiative Japan Inc. “With such background, helping our customers for their digital workplace environment, we will launch the Smart HUB private backbone service in June. We chose Cisco’s solution for its advanced features, high performance and the capability required for this new network foundation and will work together to continue to provide the stable cloud connection service to our customers.”

“We are honored that Cisco ACI was selected by IIJ for the network foundation of its Smart HUB private backbone service offered to the enterprise users”, said Yoshiyuki Hamada, Managing Director, Service Provider Operations, Cisco Systems G.K.. “We expect that the combination of variety of IIJ’s services and our cloud and software-based solution will accelerate IIJ’s advancement of digital workplace as well as the hybrid work that we promote.”