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Building next-generation media demo and development environment platform

Cisco Systems G.K. today announced that Panasonic’s IT and IP video processing platform, “KAIROS”, was added to the Cisco 5G Showcase, where field trials can be conducted in the end-to-end 5G network environment. This jointly built and operated demo and development environment with Panasonic supports the adaptation of IP based production technology for broadcasters.

Under conventional video production systems, increased equipment maintenance and operational burdens to support 4K and 8K have further highlighted the needs to migrate towards IP-based broadcasting systems. Converting the current video and audio transmission standard, SDI (Serial Digital Interface) cables, to IP or Ethernet based connectivity can improve the transmission volume and speed drastically while reducing number of cables and enabling bidirectional communication. Once connected to the network, all data, including video and audio can be transmitted from anywhere, enabling to share equipment and facility resources with higher flexibility.

To provide an environment for broadcasters to verify connectivity compatibility, demo, and proof of concept experiments using a wide range of IP-based devices and software, Panasonic’s leading live video production and operation platform “KAIROS” was built in Cisco’s 5G Showcase with Cisco’s IP Fabric for Media which supports broadcasters to migrate from SDI to IP.

As huge bandwidth is required for remote production, video and audio data transmission, it is essential to use 5G technology. With the Cisco 5G Showcase, broadcasters can now conduct video and data transmission testing and development combining various IP-based devices not from a single vendor, but from multiple vendors over the 5G end-to-end environment.

Cisco will continue to support broadcasters with Panasonic solving technical issues and creating new possibilities from the IP migration in the broadcasting industry domestically and overseas.

The Cisco 5G Showcase, launched in November 2020, is aimed to support customers and partners in every industry to create and propose proactive 5G use cases and accelerate digital transformation. In February this year, Cisco Japan acquired a local 5G commercial license, allowing Cisco to provide a muti-access environment which also includes Wi-Fi 6.

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