We are only days out from WebexOne Asia Pacific, Cisco’s premier digital collaboration conference, its free to join and we have a huge lineup of announcements and guest speakers coming your way on the 9th and 10th of December in Asia Pacific Time zones.


Time and tide wait for none. Twenty-twenty has brought many challenges to businesses and professionals, but the global marketplace hasn’t come to a grinding halt. In fact, it has forced organizations to reinvent their operations and business models to keep the lights on and serving customers tirelessly.

As the global leader in cloud collaboration technology, Cisco Webex is playing a major role in that transition whether clients are looking to empower remote work in a secure way, or to enable smart hybrid work experiences to help staff safely return to work.

We’re proud of the breakthroughs we’ve made in 2020, and want to showcase them to you at our premier digital collaboration conference: WebexOne. We also have a huge line up of new announcements to make that are going to be game changing.

I know you’ve read my last blogpost but the features we’ve shared offer a mere ‘trailer’ into Cisco’s technology capabilities – come to WebexOne and attend the ‘virtual collaboration conference of the year” showcasing all the amazing and spectacular innovations we have lined up for you and a line up of Customer and industry speakers from all across the Asia Pacific market.

Block the dates: 9th and 10th December 2020 (Asia Pacific dates)

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so let me give you four reasons to help you see why registering and attending WebexOne is a wise choice:

1 / Peek into the future of work and customer experiences

There’s a lot of innovation we’ve got going on behind the scenes. We’re proud and excited to reveal them to you. So far, I’ve given you plenty of clues as well – but you’ve got to attend the event if you want to know more. Go register now.

2/ Hear from world-class speakers

Our CEO is speaking at the event, and so are many other Cisco leaders, so prepare to be spellbound. For our harder to please audience, we’ve got a lineup of celebrity speakers such as Human Rights Expert Amal Clooney and Pop Culture Icon and Entrepreneur RuPaul Charles. We’ve also got customers from leading businesses organizations such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Tetra Pak, Broadcom, Aon, and even the Dallas Cowboys!

3/ Use your time wisely

Time is precious and you’re busy. You want to only attend sessions that bring you value. We understand that and hence, have created three focused tracks, namely, Seamless Collaboration, Customer Experience, and Partners, for you to choose from. Sign up and get access to technical deep-dive content on demand.

4/ Get an opportunity to network

If you feel robbed of the opportunity to network at today’s virtual events, we understand. We do too. It’s why we’ve made special effort to bring some of the joy into WebexOne by creating opportunities for you to network with Asia-Pacific teams, attend Whisper Suites, or sign up for 1:1 Meet the Expert sessions. Exciting, isn’t it? We’re not known as the leader of enterprise-grade collaboration for nothing!

There you go, I hope those four bullets pushed you over the edge and got you to register for the event. Preparations are in full swing and we are thrilled! We look forward to seeing you (online); remember, dress code is business casual (above the waist). See you at WebexOne!