This time of year is about connections – with family members, with friends, and for many kids they have one person in mind that they’d like to meet and share their hopes and dreams with.

It can be an extremely tough time for children in hospital, let alone over the festive season. It can also be a challenging time for families. For the last few years the Cisco team has helped to make one special connection possible, bringing Santa to kids in hospital.

It has become an end-of-year highlight for the Cisco team, as they bring a smile to kids even if only for a moment.

Together with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, DXC Technology, E Health Queensland, Queensland Children’s Hospital & Canberra Hospital, Cisco has led this initiative out of the Brisbane office for many years. Our Cisco Webex technology enables us to make the important video connection direct from the hospital ward and into ‘Santa’s Grotto’ all the way in the North Pole – aka the Cisco Brisbane office.

We were fortunate to share Santa’s grotto with over 50 kids this year, including Jackson. To see the impact that Santa can have, watch the video below.


Starlight has been the local community partner helping to make a positive experience and connection with Santa each year. A number of our Cisco employees have experienced the impact of the charity first-hand over the last few years, and we are very passionate and proud to work with Starlight.

Want to know how Santa makes it all the way to Canberra?

Hear from Rob Quinn, an Account Manager based in Cisco’s Brisbane office, who works with the Cisco Brisbane team to make Santa’s visit each year possible.

You can watch the video here

Thanks to everyone involved for making the lives of kids in hospital just a little bit brighter even for a moment.

A snap of the Cisco team behind the scenes, who are extremely proud to be part of this initiative. Thanks team!