Digitisation and access to connectivity is key in rural and regional areas. Cisco is working with partners to bridge the digital connectivity gap, enabling better connectivity and efficiencies for farmers by connecting them to technology and developers.

Find out about a networking event bringing peers together on 19 June 4-7 pm at Cisco’s offices, and the technology behind it.

Agriculture and technology peers invited to connect at networking event 

Cisco, in partnership with Titan Class, is hosting an information briefing and networkingevent bringing ‘AgTech Together’ on Wednesday, 19thJune 4-7pm at Cisco, Level 24, 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.


The aim is to build a diverse domestic Agriculture Technology (AgTech) ecosystem by engaging with AgTech vendors, third-party application providers, farmers, industry experts and developers. Those involved will have the opportunity to expand their own product/technology capabilities, share knowledge and strengthen their industry connections within this rapidly evolving industry.


Cisco and Titan Class are keen to encourage innovation in the agriculture industry with xDP, an environment in which third-party application and sensor developers are able to deploy their applications and sensors and have them integrate their data from a single platform.


RSVP: Tina Hunt or 0412 498 608 by Thursday, 13th June 2019. RSVP is essential and places are limited. We look forward to sharing more about the latest technology with you on the night.


Technology enabling access to insights through xDP

One of the latest innovations developed by Cisco, in collaboration with Titan Class, is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for farmers, known as xDP.

xDP is a combined hardware and software solution hosted on a farm, that alleviates the impact of limited network access in remote locations as it uses intermittent connectivity or none at all.

This work has emerged from Cisco’s Innovation Central in Sydney (ICS). Some of the smartest undergraduates from UNSW in the faculties of Engineering and Computer Science are also actively involved in the process of connecting third-party applications and sensors to xDP. xDP provides many benefits to both farmers and developers.


Potential benefits to farmers: 

– Provides the data and insights that farmers need to make better, faster decisions and enhance productivity on their farm (business).

– Accelerates efficiencies across the sector by digitising a critical part of the supply chain – the farm itself.

– Provides an increasingly diverse choice of solutions (including apps and sensors) for digitising the farm

– Provides on-farm connectivity to enable connectivity to and digitisation of various physical elements of the farm


Potential benefits to developers: 

– Larger potential market opportunity. xDP provides an environment where third-party application and sensor developers are able to deploy their applications and sensors and have them integrate wherever xDP is deployed – by simply being part of the ecosystem. It is neither Titan Class nor Cisco’s intention to build apps or sensors, on the contrary, we want to encourage the industry to do this, which is why this community event is vital in building partnerships and a focused AgTech ecosystem.

– Focus on your strengths. Maintain focus on your app and/or sensor and defocus on critical components already inherent within xDP including connectivity, power, internet access, data security and integrity. This enables accelerated deployment and more opportunity for sales.

– Easy development and porting: The xDP program offers a micro-service toolkit specifically built for developers, known as Streambed. Streambed approaches micro-services in a contemporary manner and leverages existing open source projects and communities. Titan Class is the caretaker of Streambed and continues to develop it.

– Potential marketing and sales jointly with Cisco and other ecosystem partners locally and globally


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