7. Embracing Talent from Everywhere

Lastly, to realize the full potential of secure digital transformation, it is going to take a significant amount of new talent and investment. It’s going to require all of us to double down in building and hiring skills around cyber security, artificial intelligence, IoT, programmability, and automation. 

In Japan, the talent gap has become incredibly visible and clear with the need to reskill workers and develop the next generation of talent. Reskilling the elderly, leveraging workstyle transformation to support gender diversity, opening jobs to foreign workers, and leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics will be paramount to Japan’s competitiveness on the global front.  This year will be the year of embracing talent and putting creative ideas in action to build the workforce of the future. 


Tokyo 2020 is a little more than 500 days away. 2019 is the year for Secure Digital Innovation in preparation of the Olympics.  We’re focused on leading Japan into a new and secure digital era – A truly connected world positively impacting the way people in Tokyo and throughout Japan live, work, play and learn.

I think those seven areas are very interesting areas.  What do you think?

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