5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Location-Based Services (LBS) Technologies to Transform Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and Location-Based Services (LBS) technologies have been experiencing tremendous consumer uptake and are poised for explosive growth in industries such as healthcare, sports, entertainment and retail. Leading retailers are exploring innovative ways to leverage these technologies to transform the customer experience and increase sales. AR can serve as a personal shopping assistant, highlighting items of interest based upon the customer's past purchases, or presenting recommendations and special offers right within their field of view as they browse around the store. Simultaneously, rich LBS can guide shoppers to items and areas of interest, as well as identify a specific user, and link them and their shopping behaviors with the availability of items and offers in real-time.  Mobile technology, wireless, networking, sensors, machine learning, coupled with LBS and analytics make it possible.  It’s technology in this case, combined with operational changes, that transforms the experience.  And these technologies will become used more and more to gain greater insights on customer behaviors and transform the customer experience.  As a provider of many of these solutions and capabilities, Cisco will deliver rich location and mobile services with our ecosystems partners to transform customer experience in 2019, as hospitality and tourism become a key imperative.

6. Working with Partners to Innovate and Differentiate

We continue to evolve, and mature new partnerships created in the market to help solve real-world problems. Companies that potentially were competing in the past or have opposing capabilities will start to come together to address what is needed in today’s digital world from enterprise to small business.   No one company can do it all on its own.  It will take partnership, integration, and leveraging each others’ strengths to deliver the right business outcomes for markets, industries and verticals. 

Cisco's DevNet community provides a great example of this. Cisco DevNet is where developers can bring their own value or enhance offerings from networking, datacenter, collaboration, to security. We have created an open, extensible, software enabled platform that allows our partners and programmers to develop rich offers and services across the portfolio that can transform daily life in ways we may not have imagined before. This means using networks to digitize roadways, transportation, manufacturing plants, buildings, stores and homes.  Not tomorrow but today. The new programmable infrastructure and new partner eco-system will transform industries by providing new innovations on the very infrastructure that is core to their business in 2019.


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