3. Cybersecurity front and center

With Digitization trends accelerating, Cybersecurity becomes THE top priority for customers in 2019. As they move more services and applications to the cloud and connect more devices to the network, as well as supporting an even greater mobile workforce and customer base, security becomes more relevant than ever. To address this trend, Cisco is  continuing to build out its cyber security capabilities. In the past few years we have made numerous acquisitions and developed new capabilities in house to address our customers security requirements. Examples include: Talos, Duo, Tetration, Stealthwatch, Firepower, Umbrella, DNA security, and the list goes on.  Although each solution is best of breed on its own, it’s when you bring them together as part of a security architecture that you really address the efficacy and time to detection challenges of customers.  This is the Cisco value, delivering industry leading threat intelligence capabilities at massive scale in real-time and across an integrated portfolio;  thus enabling capabilities like multifactor authentication, identity and policy across user, devices, and things, while at the same time providing predictive analytics across the threat landscape on premise or in the cloud. The security challenges of today and tomorrow will not be solved at a product level, it’s going to require an integrated architecture approach.  And that’s exactly what we are doing.  We are embedding security into everything we do: how we manufacture products through a secure supply chain, how we deliver those products securely to our customers, and; how we design all of our next-generation solutions.   


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