Samuli Kokki

I'm a technology professional with expertise in observability solutions, specialized in Cisco ThousandEyes. I believe that understanding customer’s business and priorities is the key to deliver value through end-to-end visibility and full-stack observability. I'm passionate about providing insights that helps to optimize digital experiences for our customers, and enable them to achieve their goals. Based on hundreds of discussions with Cisco partners and customers in the Nordic countries, I provide unique perspectives to observability and I’m always exploring new ways to enhance Your digital business. The opinions expressed in my blog posts are my own views, and not necessarily those of Cisco.


9 November 2023


Transforming IT Operations: Automated Incident Communication for Improved User Satisfaction and Efficiency

Cisco ThousandEyes monitoring tool provides transparent incident reporting and proactively informs users during incidents, including sharing the cause of the issue, current actions, and a timeline for resolution.

5 June 2023


How End-to-End Visibility Can Help with IT Migration

Migrating services from one platform to another can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to ensuring that IT migration doesn’t disrupt end-user experience. That’s where end-to-end visibility comes in. Actually, it is the very key if  IT team wants to migrate services smoothly, validate migration success and sleep well in the night during…