Angelo Fienga

Technical Architect

Collaboration Solutions

Angelo Fienga joined Cisco in 2011 as architect for mobile strategy in the Worldwide Collaboration Sales and Strategy team, looking after the design and evolution of complex solutions for enterprises and service providers based on Cisco Mobile Collaboration solutions. In his current role, Angelo is also responsible for strengthening strategic partnerships with key players in the mobile industry. In last few years Angelo has been spearheading the strategy for highly disruptive technologies such as drones, or unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs). He is a founding member of the Cisco Drone Team, a group of professionals looking at the application of Cisco technologies to the rising market of UAVs. Angelo owns a permit to fly commercial drones in Italy and has extensive experience building complete solutions based on drones.In his 20+ year career Angelo has developed extensive technical and pre-sales technical marketing leadership skills in both Fortune 500 companies (Ericsson, Cisco, Qualcomm) and start-ups (Elsacom - a Finmeccanica company). He has a strong track record of sales and business development achievements.Angelo earned a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the University in Rome. He is married with two children. And 4 drones.


24 April 2024


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