Internet of Everything

14 May 2019

Manchester Met and Cisco launch IoT ‘makerspace’

Cisco and Manchester Metropolitan University, together with The Foundation for Digital Creativity today announced the launch of thingQbator, an on-campus IoT Makerspace to help fuel the digital talent pipeline in the city.

12 March 2019

Let’s celebrate 30 years of possible

On this day, 30 years ago, the World Wide Web was born. A seemingly complex invention that would go on to open the Internet up to billions of people, creating opportunity in ways we could never imagine.

12 March 2019

30th anniversary of the WWW: Better access to education and healthcare top aspirations for the next 30 years of the Web

To mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, over 11,000 survey respondents from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa shared what the Web has made possible for them today, and what they hope it will make possible for future generations. Enabling ‘better access to education’ tops the list of respondents’ aspirations for the future of the Internet (63 percent), followed by enabling ‘better access to healthcare’ (57 percent).

1 March 2019

VNI Mobile Report: Predicting greater speeds, more users, and more device density across Western Europe, Central & …

It would be hard to miss what’s been ‘front of mind’ at this year’s MWC. Adoption of 5G has dominated the news (in anticipation of its rapid rollout over the next few years). More broadly, Service Providers have continued to focus on the key question of how to accommodate increasing bandwidth requirements while rolling out mobile connectivity to an ever-growing proportion of the world’s population. Last week, Cisco published its 12th Mobile VNI Report. This annual report includes highly detailed global, regional and country-level projections concerning all forms of mobile connectivity. As last year, the report predicts universal growth in mobile connectivity, speed and bandwidth usage. Globally, mobile traffic is projected to make up nearly 20 percent of IP traffic – or 930 exabytes annually – by 2022 – nearly 113 times more than mobile traffic ten years earlier. The report also shows the extent to which 5G is predicted to ‘break out’ over the next three years. Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and The Middle East and Africa, considered as a whole, will see 82 million 5G connections come online by 2022 (out of 422 million globally). It is expected that this expansion in 5G connectivity will be accompanied by the rapid development of a number of exciting applications, including autonomous cars, ‘The Massive IoT’, and AR/VR (all trends referenced in Cisco’s recent ‘Predictions for 2019’).

29 January 2019

Cisco libère le potentiel de l’IoT grâce à l’Intent-based Networking

Cisco dévoile de nouveaux produits réseau dédiés à l’IoT, des outils de développement, des guides de conception et des spécialisations partenaires, afin d’offrir capacité, flexibilité et sécurité pour les environnements IoT.

14 November 2017

Cisco start programma van 1 miljard dollar voor ontwikkeling smart cities

Zogenaamde "smart cities" hebben minder vervuiling, veiligere straten en een betere levenskwaliteit voor de burgers. Veel ambtenaren worstelen echter om de upgrades die hun steden slim maken te financieren. Cisco wil helpen en introduceert daarom het City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program. Een programma van 1 miljard dollar (US) om het voor steden over de hele wereld eenvoudiger, sneller en betaalbaarder te maken om technologieën die hun gemeenschappen zullen transformeren te financieren en te adopteren.