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  • De nouvelles solutions permettent aux services IT de simplifier leurs opérations et de gagner en cohérence entre le on-premise, le edge et les cloud publics grâce à une meilleure compréhension et une meilleure automatisation
  • Les nouvelles capacités des logiciels accélèrent la gestion de ressources d’applications et de services numériques dans un monde hyper distribué en connectant les équipes, les infrastructures et les outils


SAN JOSE, Californie – 29 octobre 2020 – Cisco Partner Summit – Cisco (NASDAQ : CSCO) a annoncé aujourd’hui de nouvelles solutions logicielles conçues pour simplifier les opérations informatiques dans les data centers sur site et les environnements multi-cloud. Grâce à cette étape, Cisco permet à ses clients de bénéficier d’une plus grande agilité commerciale et offre aux développeurs les moyens de faire évoluer plus rapidement des applications innovantes.


L’environnement commercial évolue très rapidement. Les applications sont de plus en plus distribuées, les collaborateurs sont plus mobiles et les exigences imposées à nos systèmes sont plus grandes que jamais. Pour relever ces défis, les équipes informatiques ont besoin d’une meilleure compréhension et d’une plus grande automatisation afin d’offrir une véritable agilité technologique. Cisco dévoile des plateformes informatiques agiles pour aider les groupes technologiques à répondre à ces transitions du marché.




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Cisco Delivers New Platform Solutions to Drive Workload Agility Across Public and Private Clouds

News Summary:

  • New solutions enable IT to simplify their operations and gain consistency across on-premise, edge and public clouds through best-in-class insights and automation
  • New software-delivered capabilities accelerate application and digital services delivery in a hyper-distributed world by connecting teams, infrastructure and tools


SAN JOSE, Calif—October 28, 2020 – Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced new software-delivered solutions designed to simplify IT operations across on-premise data centers and multicloud environments. With this milestone, Cisco is enabling greater business agility for its customers and empowering developers to deliver and scale innovative application experiences faster.


Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever. Applications have become more distributed, workforces are more mobile, and the demands on our systems are greater than ever. In order to face these challenges, IT teams need greater insights and automation to deliver true technology agility. Cisco is unveiling agile IT platforms to help technology groups respond to these market transitions.


“Complexity can paralyze our teams. Our systems can no longer be powerful, but brittle. For IT to be as agile as their businesses require, they need solutions obsessed with simplicity,” said Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM, Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud. “This year, technology groups around the globe were tested by unprecedented change. This fundamental shift in how businesses, schools and governments operate requires IT teams to transform how they function. Today, Cisco is announcing IT platforms for multicloud operations that provide advanced insights and automation to help organizations transform faster.”


Cisco is bringing a never-before-experienced level of efficiency to cloud, application, SecOps, NetOps and DevOps teams. As a cloud-neutral vendor, only Cisco allows customers to maintain choice and control across their full IT stack with simplified and consistent operations. Cisco provides unrivaled visibility from the application to the infrastructure, allowing customers to deliver the best application experiences. New solutions include:

  • Cisco Intersight: Building on its foundation as a leading systems management platform, Cisco Intersight’s mission is to become the world’s simplest hybrid cloud platform that connects private data centers to private clouds. With the new Intersight Kubernetes Service, infrastructure teams can now automate the lifecycle management of Kubernetes and containerized applications across any environment. This represents a major leap forward in the container ecosystem by driving rapid and consistent application innovation. Intersight Workload Optimizer significantly simplifies application resources management. With a single tool that provides real-time, full-stack visibility and insights, customers can balance application performance and cost. Intersight integration with AppDynamics provides IT teams with visibility to improve management across infrastructure and applications and stay ahead of problems that can impact user experience.
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard: The Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a single insights and automation platform to operate multicloud data center networks spanning on-premise, virtual edge and cloud sites. Consolidating Cisco’s industry-leading portfolio of operational services and critical third-party services, Nexus Dashboard provides one simple interface to manage application lifecycles from set-up to maintenance and optimization. The Nexus Dashboard drives the adoption of cloud-native application practices leading to a faster path to return on infrastructure investment.
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): Cisco ISE now simplifies secure network access across all domains, extending the zero-trust workplace to anywhere and on anything. With the latest innovations, customers can use ISE to intelligently identify a variety of IoT endpoints to enforce consistent policies from the cloud to give teams the agility and flexibility they need to secure their organizations.


“Cisco’s new solutions are part of an overall effort to transform how customers connect people, secure their organization, and automate their processes,” said analyst Will Townsend, Networking Practice Head, Moor Insights & Strategy. “It is designed to bring together platforms and portfolios to help customers respond and adapt to business disruptions, accelerate cloud adoption and transform IT operating models.”


The new Cisco Intersight innovations and the Cisco Nexus Dashboard will be available by the end of the calendar year. Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service will be made available in the first half of 2021.  Cisco ISE innovations are available now.


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