14 يوليو 2020


Cisco Delivers Enhanced Network Insights, Enables Smarter Automation

Cisco adds new capabilities across its intent-based networking portfolio to give customers greater control, security, insights to drive better digital experiences. News Summary: IT can easily segment and secure networks with intuitive, automated policies. Cisco DNA Center and Cisco DNA Spaces now provide greater insights into IoT endpoints. Cisco…

7 يوليو 2020


Cisco Radically Simplifies Security for Today’s Accelerated IT Agenda

News Summary:                                                                                                                                                                            Cisco SecureX, the broadest and most integrated cloud-native cybersecurity platform, will be generally available globally on June 30, 2020.…

5 مارس 2019


دو تتعاون مع سيسكو لبناء سحابة موحدة عبر مراكز بيانات متعددة

البنية التحتية الجديدة تقدم لعملاء دو خدمات مميزة تتوفر في جميع مناطق دولة الإمارات