5 July 2021


Why the Digitization in the Education Field is Here to Stay

As we settle into the new normal dictated by COVID-19, we must look ahead into what the future holds for the education sector. There are serious doubts that education will ever return completely to the traditional way.

17 March 2021


The Future of Work is Now

In ways that have never been seen in recent history, the coronavirus has laid bare the realities of decoupling location from work. In other words, location is no longer a key consideration when providing services or expertise to customers.

11 January 2021


The Future of Healthcare: Digital Transformation, Patient Experience Opportunities, and Regulatory Challenges

The pressure on the healthcare industry continues to mount with the looming threat of repeated waves or current and new viruses even with the recent news around the COVID vaccine.

29 November 2020


A Post-Pandemic World: How Technology is Paving the Road to Recovery

Regardless of the region and industry, the recovery to a better future is very likely going to be enabled by technology and digitization. At Cisco, we realize that now is the time for technology to change the world and address some of its most pressing issues and aspirations.