Simon Dyke

Global Leader

Cisco Innovation Labs

Simon Dyke is a Global Leader for Cisco Innovation Labs, where he leverages his robust industry experience to drive strategic initiatives and foster innovation across customers, partners and beyond.

With a deep understanding of the technology landscape, Simon plays a pivotal role in identifying future trends, facilitating collaborative partnerships, and spearheading cutting-edge research and development projects.

Based in the United Kingdom, Simon is an international leader and technologist with extensive experience in creating, building, demonstrating and leading innovation projects at global scale for over 24 years.

He is super-passionate about high-impact projects that help to bring positive change to people and communities around the world.


26 January 2024


Lumino: Lighting the Way to a Future of Smart Building and Hybrid Work

Cisco's Innovation Labs presents Lumino, a proof-of-concept (PoC) user experience, that unifies technologies for managing hybrid workforces and creating smart buildings, benefitting HR, facilities, and more.