Cisco named #1 Great Place to Work in Poland for the third year in a row…

Last month Cisco was named the best workplace in Poland by Great Place To Work – in the category of enterprises with 500+ employees. This is the third year in a row Cisco Poland has won this award. Cisco Poland was also honored with a special “Legends” award, granted to companies who have been recognised as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for at least the fifth time.

The opinions of Cisco’s employees played a vital role in this award. Cisco’s staff in Poland frequently cited that one of the things they liked most about Cisco is that it is managed in an ‘ethical and fair manner’, and that each employee was treated equally regardless of their position. It was commonly held that managers not only support their teams, but try to be caring and accessible, without overly-rigid hierarchies being observed.

In addition, Cisco employees claimed that the organization has created a work environment where people can be their ‘authentic selves’, as well as having the freedom to pursue their professional goals without fear of being perceived to ‘overstep the mark’.

Prem Kania, Cisco Poland’s Managing Director, has a clear view on the factors behind Cisco Poland’s win, and what other companies could learn from this:

“At the heart of it is the question ‘what does my company stand for, and how well will they treat their staff?’ In a world where the best talent can usually have their pick of companies, unsurprisingly, they choose to work for organisations where they feel that they will be treated fairly, and be offered a work-life balance that works for them.

“Cisco’s management team in Poland isn’t going to rest on its laurels. We’re committed to continuing our efforts to become even more engaged with our teams, and to embrace our company’s unique culture of caring for one another and ‘giving back’.

“Recent events, with so many workers having to work remotely across the world, have demonstrated that enabling digital security and robust communication, two of our specialties, are more important than ever. And with our remote working technology, Cisco’s employees have been able to continue to demonstrate their unique team spirit and cohesion, even while working from home, in order to continue to serve and enable our customers, partners and local communities in these unprecedented times. I couldn’t be prouder.”