As we conclude the second week of European Cybersecurity Awareness month (and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US), we continue to round up a selection of Cisco’s security-related blogs and releases from the week gone by…

On the UKI Security blog Martin Lee, Technical Lead at Talos, has detailed some hints and tips on how organisations can guard against Supply Chain attacks. This relates to a talk Martin will be giving at the NIAS conference in Belgium, 15th-17th October.

Rapid Development Requires Trust in the Supply Chain
Martin Lee, Technical Lead, Security Research, Cisco Talos Security Intelligence & Research
Attackers have developed supply chain attacks, where the attacker compromises the source code of trusted software as a means of compromising systems. Protecting against such attacks can be difficult. Yet, every criminal leaves traces at the site of their crime…

Cisco Germany has published a press release pointing towards the importance of Threat Hunting in striking an effective security posture in the German market. The English-language version of this report can be found here.

The hunt for hidden security threats
Press release (German)
Companies are constantly threatened by new methods of attack. Relying on automatic security systems and alerts is no longer enough. Threat Hunting plays an increasingly important role.

Naturally, your business isn’t the only place where cyber-incursions can originate. Steve Martino, SVP and CISO, has outlined a few hints and tips on Cisco’s central Security blog to reduce the chances that your actions at home will affect your personal or professional life.

Bringing Cybersecurity Home
Steve Martino, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Cisco
Cyberattacks know no boundaries between work and home, so we need to be diligent about cyber hygiene across environments. Learn tips to protect and secure your digital footprint…

And finally, Mike Luken comments on Cisco’s recent validation against an industry program to automate cryptography testing, in order to ensure that communications are encrypted in a regular and secure manner.

Cisco Advances Communications Security with Completion of Automated Cryptographic Validation Protocol Testing
Mike Luken, Sr. Offer Manager, Security & Trust Organization, Cisco
We assume our communications are secure.  But are they?  Cryptography provides the foundation of secure communications, but how to know if that cryptography is correct and secure?

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