One of the first things ‘new hires’ often notice at Cisco is how seriously we take our wider responsibilities on the world stage. In fact, it’s something we’re very proud of. As our Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, pointed out in a blog in December, corporate social responsibility is deeply integrated and core to our purpose, our culture and how we invest our resources.

Cisco recently launched the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to outline some of the work we do in this field. This looks back at 2018 how Cisco did its goal to be a global problem solver for people, society, and the planet, illustrating that in EMEAR, as elsewhere, CSR is part of who we are.

Renewable Energy in EMEAR

We are incredibly proud, for example, that, in 2018, nine EMEAR countries managed to generate 100% of their electricity consumption from renewable sources. What’s more, this is part of a general upward trend. 62.4% of Cisco’s overall EMEAR electricity consumption was generated from renewable sources – three percentage points more than in 2017

Cisco Networking Academy in EMEAR

2018 also saw several hundred thousand new EMEAR students enrol in Cisco’s Networking Academy program, bringing the EMEAR program to a total of 3.3 million enrolled since 1997. The NetAcademy program serves to undo employability stereotypes related to background, income and gender, as well as building a bridge to employment opportunities. In 2018 Cisco was also involved in numerous initiatives to encourage participation of women in STEM subjects. What’s more, EMEAR contained seven of the thirteen top counties for female Netacademy enrolment.

EMEAR Volunteer Work

Cisco’s EMEAR employees were also highly generous in lending time and effort to worthwhile causes in 2018. Staff participation was ‘up’ on 2017, with one third of EMEAR employees involved in some form of voluntary activity. The 2018 CSR report showed that EMEAR had, overall, raised over one million dollars for worthwhile causes in 2018 through voluntary work – 22% more than in the previously-reported period!

Cisco’s full report spells out the broader global picture of how Cisco is working to solve problems through humanitarian aid, through investment in communities, through improvements in the power efficiencies of our products and facilities, and more. It also outlines our ambitious goal to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025 – a goal we are well on the way to achieving.


[For a more complete story of Cisco’s CSR impact, and how it is seeking to Build The Bridge to Possible for people, society, and the planet, read our full 2018 CSR Report. Alternately, if you only have time for a quick read, see our 2018 CSR Report ‘Cheat Sheet’.]

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