It’s the fourth and final week of European Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018. Here’s our final roundup of recent security posts to close off the month.


Tackling the Growing Threat Landscape of ICS and the IIoT

The increase in the number of connected sensors and devices creates an attack surface of unprecedented depth and breadth. Following her talk at the ICS Cyber Security Conference, Edna Conway outlines the growing challenge of securing Industrial Control Systems, and outlines some key steps involved in securing the IIoT.


Using Threat Intelligence Effectively in Security Automation and Orchestration with DFLabs and Cisco Security

Security teams often rely on threat intelligence during both the triage and investigation stages of an event. Here, Jessica Bair outlines why the reliability of Threat Intelligence is of paramount importance in enabling teams to automate their security processes effectively.


War Games: A WOPR of a Security Test (Part One)

Recently, in what was an interesting change to the usual technical and risk/compliance-focused consultancy, our Security Advisory Services carried out a War Games exercise. This short series of posts aims to describe the experiences and benefits of conducting these types of engagements.


Securing Foreign Service Studies at Georgetown University Qatar

Operating a branch on the other side of the globe can be challenging. This case study outlines how, by deploying a Cisco Next Generation Firewall, Georgetown University Qatar School of Foreign Service was able to protect its data and offline devices with integrated technologies like AMP and NGIPS.


Although we’ve finished the final ‘week’ of European Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there are still a few days remaining in the month! Why not use them to browse our ECSAM microsite? Here you can find a variety of useful resources related to cyber skills, common cyber scams, and the future development of the cybersecurity industry.


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