Shannon Leininger


Cisco Canada

As President of Cisco Canada, Shannon proudly leads a diverse and innovative organization that consistently ranks among Cisco’s top markets globally and acts as a proving ground for some of the company’s most advanced and leading-edge technologies. She is an innovative, entrepreneurially-minded leader with a long-term view on vision and strategy who believes that great results come from careful planning. Shannon believes that in order to help Canadian organizations accelerate their digital journey, there must be a commitment to solution innovation, world-class technology architectures, and a relentless dedication to mission success.


June 12, 2019


Changing Lives Through Education Technology

Author:  Shannon Leininger Every day, we’re using technology to access information, engage with others and learn new things. As technology continues to impact how we view our world and collaborate with others, we’re seeing the transformative impact it can have on the quality of education in our schools and the opportunities it provides when used respons…